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WGN Authority Report: March 19th

19 Mar , 2019  

Welcome back to another weekly edition of the WGN Authority report. This week we dive into the conclusion of WESG 2018 and Stage 1 of the Overwatch League’s second season. We will also be covering the second Call of Duty World League open event of the season which took place in Fort Worth, Texas and the convergence of the fighting game community on Final Round 2019. Finally, we’ll give you an update on the DOTA2 Dream League major that is currently underway.

There’s a ton to discuss so let’s get to it!


WESG 2018

Last week we discussed the many events still underway at WESG 2018 but this weekend they all came to their conclusion.

Ultimately South Korea walked away with the most medals at the event, winning two gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. The United States came in second with two golds and a bronze while Canada finished in third place with one gold and one bronze medal.

Purple was able to claim the sole Canadian gold medal in Hearthstone competition winning 3-1 in the final series. Starcraft legend Scarlett was able to secure the country’s sole bronze, being defeated by South Korean Maru in the bronze medal match.

Tribe Gaming secured the first American gold medal in the VainGlory finals defeating South Korean Team ACE  2-0 for the victory. The other was earned by CLG Red in the Woman’s only CS:GO event, sweeping the Russians Lazarus 2-0 in the grand finals.

Ultimately it was a successful event for North America finishing in two of the top three countries around the world. All indications suggest that both Canada and the United States will certainly be vying for the most medals again next year. To see the results in their entirety, check out the official WESG homepage.


OWL Stage 1 Regular Season Complete

The first stage of the Overwatch League’s second season has come to a close meaning the playoff teams have now been decided. Many placings in the seeding were not determined until the final day of play as many of the teams are still incredibly close together. The eight teams are in order:

  1. Vancouver Titans
  2. New York Excelsior
  3. Philadelphia Fusion
  4. Toronto Defiant
  5. Atlanta Reign
  6. San Francisco Shock
  7. Seoul Dynasty
  8. Boston Uprising

The format for the playoffs will be very recognizable to any sports or esports fan. The first seed Titans will take on the 8th seeded uprising. New York will play San Francisco, Philadelphia squares off against San Francisco and Toronto will play Atlanta. The losers will be eliminated while the winners move on to the quarterfinals and then finals in a single elimination knockout bracket.

The action begins on Thursday evening at 9 PM EST. You can check out the full schedule on the official Overwatch League website while you can catch the action live on Twitch.


CWL Fortworth

The Call of Duty World League held the second open event of the 2019 season and it delivered big matches, upsets, and everything else fans could want from a major event. Many thought that results would closely mirror the results from the 2019 season so far but that wasn’t the case.

Luminosity ended up defeating Splyce 3-1 in the Grand Finals to walk away as the Fort Worth Champions. With both teams hovering around .500 during the regular season so far it was an unexpected pair of teams to be in the event’s final series. The two proved they certainly shouldn’t be slept on throughout the rest of the year. Team Reciprocity finished in 3rd place despite only having a 2-5 record on the season so far, again demonstrating how evenly most of these professional teams are matched.

100 Thieves did the best of the team’s at the top of the current regular season standings finishing in fourth place, while Gen G and Heretics barely managed to sneak into the top 8 despite having the best records in their respective groups.

The biggest surprise of the tournament, however, was eUnited’s poor showing. Despite their 5-2 record to start off the regular season, they finished 13th-16th in Fort worth finishing last in their group and then immediately being knocked out by 100 Thieves in the first round of elimination play.

Regular season play resumes next week while the next open event takes place in Anaheim June 14th-16th. For more information on the tournament and regular season check out the official CWL page on the Call of Duty website.


Final Round 2019

Serving as the official launch of the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour and offering tournaments for 14 other fighting game titles, Final Round 2019 was one of the biggest fighting game events of the year so far.

The Street Fighter V portion of the event garnered by far the most attention, and ultimately it was Punk who was able to emerge victorious after a spectacular loser bracket run. Although he fell to last year’s World Champion Gachikun early on he was able to beat everyone else on his road to victory.

Gachikun had a very different outcome after his strong start, failing to make it into the top 16 and instead finished 17th-20th.

Other notable names in attendance included Justin Wong who finished 13th-16th and Tokido who came top 32. You can see the full results from all 15 tournaments on Shoryuken.  


DOTA2 DreamLeague Major

The third Major tournament of the 2018-2019 DOTA2 Pro circuit is well underway with six of the sixteen teams who qualified now eliminated from the competition. Among them is Team Liquid who finished in the top 8 at the last Major in Chongqing. Na’Vi has also already been eliminated, failing to make a repeat of their last Dream League Major performance where they finished in second place.

Team Secret and Virtus Pro are looking to repeat their stell performances from the last major in Chongqing. There they met in the finals with Secret getting the win, but both already find themselves in the loser’s bracket of this tournament. Only one of them will be able to place in the top three of this event.

PSG.LGD is the only team that has yet to drop a series, although they do not look unbeatable as Ninjas in Pyjamas were able to secure a game off them early on in the group stage. They are set to take on Vici Gaming in their next game where the victor will guarantee themselves a top three placing at the tournament.

You can see a full breakdown of the schedule and match results on the official DreamHack website and catch the remainder of the action live on Twitch.

That does it for us this week. We’ll be back next week with updates on the Dream League Major, OWL Stage 1 Playoffs, Gamers for Giving and more so make sure to check back then to get all caught up on the week ahead!

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