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WGN Authority Report – Madden 19’s Top 5 Rated Quarter Backs

24 Dec , 2018  

By: Matthew Rondina
It’s time huddle up and countdown Madden 19’s top 5 QBs, keeping you ahead of the play come game day.

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Breaking down the best on the gridiron will help you decide on which team to roll with in head-to-head, online match ups, and who to build around in franchise mode. We’ll countdown the top 5 QBs in Madden 19, giving you the advantage on game day.
1.Tom Brady – OVR 99 – New England Patriots

(Image: EA Sports)
99 Awareness
61 Speed
66 Acceleration

Making a return to the top of the NFL’s QB ratings the G.O.A.T has returned for yet another season.
Brady was on the losing end of Super Bowl LII to the Eagles, but there is no denying his legendary pedigree – he’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest QB of all time.
Just like last year, he starts his Madden debut with a 99 overall rating. One big highlight to his stats – his arm is a cannon, featuring the best Throw Accuracy in the game maxed at 99. Brady’s Awareness, Stamina, and Play Action also sit at a 99 with a 96 Throw Under Pressure rating.
A full breakdown of his ratings can be found here.
2. Aaron Rodgers – OVR 99 – Green Bay Packers

(Image: EA Sports)
99 Awareness
79 Speed
82 Acceleration

The only QB that could touch Brady’s legendary playmaking is Aaron Rodgers of the Packers. Rodgers’ stats are highlighted by his 97 Throw on the Run and 88 Deep Throw Accuracy (both stats are the best in Madden 19) putting him in a very close second to the G.O.A.T.
You can find a full breakdown of Rodgers’ ratings here.
3. Russell Wilson – OVR 92 – Seattle Seahawks
94 Awareness
86 Speed
90 Acceleration

Last season Wilson didn’t appear on WGN top 5 Madden QBs, but he’s made some big moves to claim 3rd overall. Wilson does it all for Seahawks, he lead his team in rushing and is far and away one of the most versatile QBs in the NFL today.
This season, Wilson sports a 92 Agility rating, he’ll be on the move as usual, scrambling against defenses. His 96 Throw on the Run also make him one of the most accurate QBs in the game while on the move.
Check out Wilson’s full ratings here.
4. Drew Brees – OVR 92 – New Orleans Saints
99 Awareness
69 Speed
73 Acceleration

Very few NFL QBs can execute like Drew Brees, his football IQ is off the charts. In fact, the only other QBs that can boast a 99 Awareness this season are Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. He is also a rock in tough situations as his 97 Throw Under Pressure is the highest in the game. Brees has always been considered part of the NFL’s elite and his stats back up his skill in Madden 19.
5. Matt Ryan – OVR 89 – Atlanta Falcons
90 Awareness
72 Speed
81 Acceleration

Matt Ryan is a very well balanced QB, and is part of a much improved Falcons team this year. Another massive upside is he has one of the best wide receivers in the game as a target with Julio Jones.
Check out all of Ryan’s launch stats here, with a young defensive and an improved offensive look for big things from him this season.
What do you think of Madden 19’s Quarter Back selections? Let us know in the comments below, game on!

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