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WGN Authority Report: July 6th

6 Jul , 2018  

Were you too busy celebrating Canada Day and the Fourth of July to catch all of the esports action over the past week? That’s what we’re here for! Many of the major leagues and tournament circuits took the past week off as well, but the few that remained in action gave us some great games to enjoy during our holiday festivities. Let’s get you caught up.


NBA 2K League

Things have fully heated up again in the NBA 2K League’s inaugural season with 3 of the 4 weeks between mid season tournaments 1 and 2 now in the books.

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After getting off to a perfect start and emerging victorious at the first mid season tournament, Blazers Gaming was looking unbeatable this season; that is until this past week. In their lone match of the week they faced off against a Celtics Crossover squad that had been spotty so far entering the match with a 4-4 record. While their play has been inconsistent so far this season they brought their A game this past week, and were able to hand the Blazers their first defeat of the season with a final score of 69-63.

The match was incredibly close but Boston was able to hold onto their lead, giving them an incredible boost of confidence and momentum heading into the second mid season tournament and latter half of the year. Meanwhile the Blazers finally losing makes their match this coming week against the 3rd place Cavaliers even more interesting. Now that the Cavs know the Blazers can be burnt out, they may be able to hand them their second defeat.

At the opposite end of the standings Golden State has yet to win a second match this Season while the New York Knicks has only gotten the pair in their first 9 games of the season. With there only being 5 weeks of regular season play remaining these two teams will need to make some improvements quickly if they hope to contend for a playoff spot come the end of the year.


CEO 2018

One of the biggest Fighting Game events of the year CEO did not disappoint fighting game fans regardless of their title of choice. The tournament boasted competition in all the most popular titles and featured some of the World’s undisputed best players, some of which even competed in multiple portions of the event.

In Street Fighter 5 Action for the Capcom Pro Tour it was expected to be a highly contested event with so many good players, and the gap between them currently being so small. While Tokido and Infiltration lead the tour in points entering the event neither would be able to break into the final four this past weekend. Tokido was actually upset early in the event and exited the event with a 17th-24th placement. Ultimately it was Fujimura who defeated Xiao Hai in the finals to earn himself the CEO crown. As one of the few Ibuki players in the top 16, this victory was a massive boost to the characters status.

In Dragonball Z we would see another titan exit the contest early after NYChrisG was also booted before the final 16 players. Go1 looked to return to his form upon the games release with another tournament victory but was stopped short in the finals by Kazunoko who earned himself the CEO title and his first major victory. If people weren’t sure who the best player in the world was entering this event, they are even less certain now that another player has thrown their name in the ring.

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The Tekken Pro Tour was at CEO this weekend as well and it delivered an all UYU final to seal the event. Teammates Jeondding and Qudans squared off in the final match but ultimately it was Jeondding that was able to get the better of his companion and emerge as the CEO champion. The most interesting story line from this portion of the event was the ability for two unsponsored players, Binchan and Jimmy J, to make it into the top 8 of the competition. Their success serves as an inspiration for players everywhere who think they may have what it takes one day; doing so well at an event of this magnitude means they will certainly be names to look out for in the future.



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