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WGN Authority Report: January 24th

25 Jan , 2019  

It has been an incredibly busy week in the world of esports with major tournaments taking place in every genre of competition.

The fighting game community congregated at Frosty Faustings to duke it out in Street Fighter, DBZ and more while sports fans got to watch the FIFA eWorld Cup. FPS fans were treated to CS:GO action at the IBuyPower Masters as well as the CWL Pro League qualifiers giving both console and PC players some incredible games to watch. MOBA fans got their fill as well with the DOTA2 Chongqing Major getting underway and every region beginning their spring split for League of Legends.

As you can see we have a ton of stuff to cover this week so without further ado here is your recap of all the action.


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CWL Pro-League Qualifiers

The Call of Duty World League held its qualifiers this past weekend to determine the final 12 teams that would be admitted into the 2019 CWL Pro League. Only 12 of the 28 teams in attendance would be able to secure a spot in the upcoming season with the first four slots going to the top four finishers at CWL Vegas.

With a full season of professional play on the line the stakes were as high as ever and the action demonstrated that. Matches were emotional and teams refused to give up even when they were considered underdogs or found their backs against the wall.

Pool Play saw 8 of the teams, the bottom two in each pool,  immediately be eliminated from the competition and among them were some big names such as “Parasite” and “Ramby”. While this wasn’t entirely shocking for fans who have kept up with the latest developments in Call of Duty it does demonstrate how much the overall level of play was elevated.

The initial stage of competition also guaranteed 8 teams their spots in the upcoming season, as the top two teams from each pool were spared the stressful final day of the event making the pools far more serious than they are at normal events. Through outstanding play over the course of the first four days Enigma6, Reciprocity, Team Envy, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, UYU, Midnight Esports and the all Spanish roster of Heretics KFC solidified their place in the upcoming season.

This left only four spots up for grabs on the final day of competition and when it was all said and done Excelerate Gaming, Team Space, the British Red Reserve and French Overtime esport were able to cinch the final four spots. The weekend was a huge success for European fans of the series as they now have 3 different teams representing the region in the official Pro League.

Longtime competitive fans will note that some big organizations and names are missing from that list after upsets over the course of the weekend prevented them advancing and has now cost them the 2019 season. Among these groups were FaZe Clan, Team Sween, G2 Esports and the Pittsburgh Knights. Their exit now means that newer players fans are less familiar with will be given an extraordinary opportunity to compete with the best players in the World throughout the first half of this calendar year.

For full match results, VoDs, rosters and more you can check out the official gamepedia tournament page, and you can also find detailed information including schedules and more for the upcoming season of the CWL Pro League. If this tournament was any indication it should be an extremely exciting start to the year.   


CS:GO IBuyPower Masters

In a rare victory for North American Counter Strike fans Team Liquid was able to emerge victorious this past weekend at the IBuyPower Masters event that took place in Los Angeles and went home with $100,000 for their efforts.

After going through their group undefeated Liquid was able to win a hard fought series against Fnatic in the semi finals that went the full 3 games. This set the stage for a final showdown with the Danish Astralis squad who, until the final series, did not drop a single map throughout the event.

It looked like Astralis would just waltz their way to becoming the champions after destroying Liquid 16-4 in the first match on Inferno. Liquid demonstrated incredible mental resolve however and did not let the first game blowout deter them. The second and third matches were played on Dust II and Overpass respectively and both times Liquid was able to emerge victorious by a 16-11 scoreline securing the series and a rare title for North America.


DOTA2 Chongqing Major

The second major of the 2018/2019 DOTA2 Pro Circuit is halfway complete with 8 of the 16 teams now being officially eliminated from the competition.

Despite the tournament taking place in China the top ranked team from the country has already been eliminated from the competition as they were unable to secure a single win in their group. The top team from the CIS region have also been eliminated after barely making it through their group and then getting dropped in the first round of the lower bracket.

On the opposite end of the spectrum the upper bracket now only has one series left to be played and it will feature Team Secret and Virtus Pro. Virtus Pro has only dropped a single map over the course of the event so far while Team Secret was swept in a match in the group stage but has looked unstoppable since that point. This matchup will be taking place tomorrow, January 25th, at 6AM EST and will be a series you don’t want to miss. You can catch it live on the official Twitch broadcast.

For full information on the event including the full schedule for the upcoming week, rosters, VoDs and match histories you can visit the official StarLadder tournament page.


Fifa eWorld Cup

Two major narratives emerged from this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup. Playstation players were able to emerge on top this weekend in a tournament that had traditionally been dominated by the Xbox players and the South American players are currently the best in the world.

South American “M10 Resende” was able to defeat the Canadian “Goal Machine” in the Xbox finals while Argentina’s “FCB Nicolas99fc” was able to defeat the Danish “xLevVinken 020” in the Playstation showdown.

This set the stage for the two South American players to square off in the Grand Finals between the two consoles. Nicolas was able to calmly secure the first game played on Playstation and refused to crack under pressure in the second match played on Xbox. Known within the community as the Iceman he demonstrated why he has that name by not allowing the pressure to get to him.

This makes Nicolas the first back to back PS4 champion in the FIFA 19 Global Series and the first player in FIFA’s competitive history to win the Cross Console title playing on the Playstation. Congratulations to him on the historic feat!


FGC Frosty Faustings

The majority of the Fighting Game world was watching the Frosty Faustings event this past weekend with a host of top players in attendance including Echo Fox’s SonicFox, Evil Genisues’ NYChris G, PG’s Punk, Marlinpie, Coach Steve and KitanaPrime, Wong Nation’s LostSoul and Circa’s ForeverKing.

Echo Fox was his usual dominant self and was able to emerge victorious in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Injustice 2 and Skullgirls 2nd Encore events demonstrating he is still one of the undisputed kings of fighting games.

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NYChris G also had an incredibly dominant weekend taking home first place in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Ultra Street Fighter and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 events. He is also on a tremendous run at the moment and is continuing to prove he too is one of the best fighting game players on the planet.  

Both players won every tournament they competed in this weekend making the two of them the undisputed kings at their respective titles.

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