WGN Authority Report: January 17th

17 Jan , 2019  

Welcome back to the Authority Report! We hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season but with the New Year now in full swing there is a lot to catch up on for esports enthusiasts. This week we’ll take a look at the first event of the DOTA2 Pro Circuit in 2019, the NPL PUBG preseason, and the return of Halo 3 to the world of esports with UGC’s Halo Classic. With so much to catch up on let’s dive right in!

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Bucharest Minor 2019 – DOTA2

The first tournament of 2019 in DOTA2 was the Pro Circuit’s second minor event of the season. With 500 Qualifying points for The International on the line as well as $300,000 in prizes, eight of the best teams in the world descended on Bucharest to claim their share.

Gambit Esports and EHOME emerged from their groups with perfect records to begin the tournament, EHOME didn’t even drop one map in the process. This was a strong forshadowing of what was to come.

Both teams went on to sweep their match in the first round of the Upper Bracket before colliding in their next match. The first game took over 70 minutes to complete but ultimately EHOME emerged victorious. The second game also went in favor of EHOME sending Gambit down to the lower bracket.

Here Gambit collided with Keen Gaming for the second time in the tournament. Gambit might light work of them the first time around finishing both games in approximately 30 minutes and this match began very similarly. After disposing of Keen in under 30 minutes in the first match the second game turned into another hour long war but Gambit was finally able to secure a win and trip to the Grand Finals just after the 70 minute mark.

This set the stage for a rematch in the Grand Finals between the two teams that were clearly the best in the tournament. EHOME was able to take the first game but Gambit was able to respond in game two and tie the series at one game a piece.

This was the first map loss of the tournament for EHOME and it would prove to be their only one. The first four games between the two were relatively close but after suffering a defeat EHOME entered a new gear and dispatched of Gambit in two final dominant performances that were finished in approximately 30 minutes each.

The decisive victories earned EHOME a trip to the Chongqing Major, 120 points towards The International and $120,000. Their impressive display makes them a team to keep an eye on at that tournament as well as all future events this year.


NPL Preseason – PUBG

The preseason for the 2019 National PUBG League is now complete, officially determining the 16 teams that would be competing in the first stage of the event. With 32 teams invited to participate the tensions ran high as finishing in the upper half of the bracket earned teams a ticket to the pro league while the other 16 teams would be forced to play the first phase of the 2019 season in the contenders league.

Eight of the best teams in the world were invited to compete in the preseason while the remaining 24 were determined by an open qualifier. Most fans and experts assumed the eight invited teams would be the most obvious candidates to qualify for the first phase of 2019 but one team failed to do so.

Team Gates unfortunately missed the mark despite being one of the better rosters last season. Some unfortunate performances the first day placed them in the lower half of the bracket and in the final game they again came up short.

Meanwhile a few unknown teams were able to make a mark for themselves. Adapt, Smokin Aces Red and Oxymoron were all able to finish in the top 8 teams despite entering the tournament as relatively unknown rosters. This performance certainly drew some attention and makes them some of the newest members of PUBG’s official competitive circuit.

Although there was plenty of focus on who was making it into the first phase of the 2019 Pro league there was plenty of reason to try and win the tournament as well with $50,000 being awarded to the first place team and another $50,000 being split by the rest of the teams who made top 8.

Tempo Storm were ultimately your victors once all was said and done and they accomplished that by absolutely dominating the first two games on the final day of action. They won the first match with a total of 18 kills and finished in second in the next match adding another 16 kills to their total. These two performances gave them a big enough advantage to simply coast to victory in the final two games.

If the weekend was any indication of the level of competition fans can expect from Phase 1 of the NPL fans have plenty to be excited about. If you’d like to see all of the stats, placings, roster details and more from the event you can check those out here.


Halo 3 Classic

Despite the game being nearly 12 years old, UGC and 343 teamed up to bring the Halo community a Halo 3 tournament. The tournament was well received by players of all levels and many of the games best players showed up to demonstrate their skill at one of the most popular titles of the franchise.

The tournament featured an open bracket but ultimately it was the pro play that interested most viewers; many were curious if the skill that TOX displayed in Halo 5 would translate back to a more classic rendition of the game. The TL;DR? It did.

Although they stumbled early on and dropped a map to a non pro team on Friday night they were still able to convincingly win the series. From that point on they went on a tear, dispatching of everybody with ease until the grand finals.

Here they encountered a Denial roster that was playing very well. TOX got the better of them in the Winner’s Bracket finals but the Denial team was feeling confident after dispatching quality teams such as Reciprocity and Status Quo who were the top ranked team based on the online qualifiers heading into the event.

Their confidence was evident in the first series of the Grand Finals when they beat TOX by a score of four games to one in order to reset the bracket and force one final best of seven to decide the champion. In this last series however the experience from TOX really began to shine through and they were eventually able to win the series 4-2.

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The event was the first of what will be multiple Grassroots tournament events run over the course of this year while the community waits for the newest rendition of Halo to be released. There was plenty of excitement in both the venue and online for the tournament and leaves many looking forward to the rest of 2019. You can see the full results from the event, including prize distributions and rosters here.


That’s it for this week but now that 2019 is in full swing we’ll be back next week with another report so you don’t miss a thing.

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