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WGN Authority Report: December 24th

24 Dec , 2018  

It may be the holiday season but it was still a busy week in esports with multiple major CS:GO events to satisfy FPS fans while fighting game aficionados were able to watch the 2018 Capcom Cup.  There’s a lot to discuss here so lets dive straight in!


Capcom Cup 2018

The top 32 Street Fighter V players from around the world gathered in Las Vegas to determine who is currently the best of the best. With a $400 000 on the line as well as the title of Street Fighter V World Champ, this was an intense weekend of competition that you didn’t want to miss.

Serving as the final event of the 2018 year for Street Fighter V the Capcom Cup was sure to bring out the best in each competitor’s game. This meant that no series was safe and players would have to show up for each and every match or risk becoming one of the many upsets we saw over the course of the weekend.

There were a multitude of top caliber players that failed to make it into the final eight after some surprising losses early in the event. This included some of the very best players in the World such as Tokido, – the number one ranked player entering the event – Daigo and Problem X.

Ultimately it was Gachikun who emerged victorious, only dropping the first series of the Grand Finals in his otherwise perfect run through the event. He took out the likes of Big Bird and Tokido in his opening rounds with dropping a single game before also defeating some of the other competitors who did the best at this event such as Itabashi Zangief, Bonochan and Fujimara in more closely contested later rounds. For his efforts he walked away with the $250 000 grand prize.

Gachikun left no doubt that he is currently the greatest Street Fighter V player in the world and that Japan still produces the best players, with 5 of the final 8 competitors representing the nation. If you missed any of the action check out the official VoDs that are absolutely worth watching for fighting game fans as there were some incredible matches throughout the weekend. You can see the full results of the event here.

That wraps up the CapCom Pro Tour for the 2018 season. Now all we can do is eagerly await the coming 2019 season.


CS:GO  – BLAST Pro Series Lisbon & ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals

CS:GO fans have had plenty of top tier action to watch over the past week with the BLAST Pro series event taking place in Lisbon and ESL’s Pro League finals bringing 16 of the top teams in the world to Odense, Denmark.

Within all of this high level action Astralis was able to demonstrate that they are one of, if not the, best team in the world right now. Emerging as the victors in both the BLAST Pro Series and the ESL Season 8 Pro League finals made it an incredibly successful and lucrative week for the squad.

Astralis got off to a great start at the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals defeating Vici Gaming, HellRaisers and Team Liquid to qualify for the event’s playoff portion. In the playoffs Astralis was able to sweep mousesports 2-0 in the semi finals setting the stage for a rematch with Team Liquid in the Grand Finals.

Liquid was able to take the first match of the final series 16-8 on Train, but in typical Astralis fashion they returned with a vengeance in the following matches. Mirage and Inferno would both go in favor of Astralis with a final score of 16-11. The fourth game was played on Dust II and Astralis had no interest in allowing the series to go to the fifth and final game, they ended it here with a 16-10 score. The victory awarded them $250,000 and the Pro League Season 8 crown.

Astralis then absolutely dominated the BLAST Pro series from the beginning as well. They had one close encounter with Cloud9 that took the full 30 rounds to determine a victor but no other team was able to push a match into the final rounds in the Round Robin format. This impressive performance placed them into the Grand Finals against Natus Vincere.

Na’Vi came out strong in the Grand Finals and was able to secure Overpass by a very convincing 16-7 score line. With their backs now against the wall Astralis had to turn things around and they did so remarkably quickly. Dropping only 9 rounds in Game 2 on Cache they were able to force the third and deciding game on Dust II. Here Astralis demonstrated they were the best team by far, allowing Na’Vi to only secure 4 rounds in a 16-4 route.

The effort earned Astralis $150 000 and solidified their position as the team to beat entering 2019. The two events combined netted them $400 000 and multiple titles making it a very happy holiday season for the entire Astralis family.

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