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WGN Authority Report: August 30th

30 Aug , 2018  

It has been a relatively quiet week in the world of esports. Although the DOTA2 International has come and gone and the NBA2K League held its inaugural Grand Final, there isn’t a whole lot else to get into. Nonetheless let’s delve straight into all the action from the past seven days.


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NBA2K League

Last week we set the stage for the Grand Finals between Heat Check Gaming and Knicks Gaming and over the weekend the teams did their part to deliver an incredible final round. Knick Gaming were able to emerge as the champions, sweeping the Heat Check in the final series.

While it sounds one-sided on the surface the games themselves told a completely different story. New York had to rely on an incredibly balanced offensive approach, requiring each of their players to score double-digit points in a single game for the first time all season.

The second game appeared as if Miami would even the series and force a deciding final game, leading by 11 points at the half and 9 entering the final quarter. New York was determined to not give Miami that second chance at life however, and made a spectacular 4th quarter comeback to seal the series and the season right then and there. This was made possible largely thanks to the rebounding of the New York Center, Goofy, earning 3 offensive rebounds in the final quarter alone giving his team much-needed additional chances at evening the score. New York’s NateKahl was awarded the Final’s MVP.

With the first season behind us fans now look ahead to the second season, the league’s expansion, and what the means for the current teams.

Each of the League’s current 17 teams must submit two players for protection from the expansion draft, all remaining players will be eligible for the new 4 expansion teams to select. Each of these four teams are allowed to select 2 players from that pool to begin building their roster.

At this point the original 17 teams will be given an option of retaining up to two additional players, for a total of 4 – the cost of retaining these additional two players depends on if players were taken from the team in the draft.

If a player is taken from team in the initial expansion draft retaining one player comes at the cost of their upcoming 3rd round pick, and retaining a second player will forfeit their second round pick. If no player is taken from a team in the initial expansion draft retaining one player will cost a team their second round pick and retaining two will cause them to forfeit their pick in the opening round.

There will also be two trade windows opening during which the teams will be allowed a total of two trades. The first falls between September 25th and August 8th while the second will be during the next regular season with the exact dates to be announced at a later date. You can stay tuned to their official Twitter account for any news on updates but we’ll be sure to bring them to you here as they unfold as well.


DOTA 2 The International

The world’s largest annual esports event in terms of prize money to be won has come and gone this past week. After a grueling 10 days of intense competition OG have finally won The International.

Entering the tournament as one of if not the favorite to win the whole thing the past two years, the team was never able to perform when it mattered most. Finishing 9th-12th the first year and only barely making the top 8 at last year’s event despite their impressive seasons, this was a team nobody truly expected to come out on top this year.

Despite all of that and a disappointing start to the group stage of this year’s tournament, OG played some of the best DOTA of their lives over the past week to secure themselves a spot in the final series.

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Here they faced the Chinese powerhouse PSG.LGD, whom many had as the best team at the tournament. The series was an incredible back and forth struggle that made the stakes of the matches all too apparent, and took the entire 5 games to decide. Ultimately though OG was able to secure the victory and bring home The International title they felt they had deserved for so long. All information on the event including full replays are available on The International Website.

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