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WGN Authority Report: Apex Legends Season 2 Map Changes

15 Jul , 2019  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Respawn Entertainment recently launched the second season of Apex Legend and promised “big things”.  Well, the studio delivered as Kings Canyon has been quite the makeover and new additions have been implemented in the free-to-play title.

For starters, many areas of the map have now been altered following the devastating destruction of the Repulsor tower.  In an animated cinematic, a currently announced Legend (likely Crypto) launched an EMP from afar.  This caused the Repulsor tower to fall, allowing the nearby Leviathans to make their way to the island.  This has caused many areas to be left in ruin, with new locals being built in their place. Here are the biggest changes to Kings Canyon.

Upon inspection of the season two map, the most notable changes are within the middle of the map.


Cascades has been left in ruin, and parts of the area have been rebuilt as Containment.  The arrival of a giant Leviathan has turned most of the central structures to rubble.  However, newly built structures have been built on the northwest corner of the area. 

A lot of the structures overlook the area, so having the higher ground can give your team the advantage. Additionally, the new buildings house an assortment of loot. Given the close quarters of the interior, this may be a great place for the new legend, Wattson, to shine.

The Cage

The Cage, formerly known as Bridges, can be seen well before dropping from the airship.  This newly built structure is now one of the tallest on the map.  If you’re getting Tilted Tower vibes, you’d be right to feel that way.  As Respawn Entertainment explained in a lore-building blog post: “This six-story behemoth is meant to draw competitors to supplies like moths to a grisly flame.”

In my experience so far, The Cage has been doing its job. The Cage has now become a central point for teams to drop into.  Teams have been flocking to the cage and due to layout, interesting scenarios have been playing out.  Skilled teams will be able to loot and hold down the top of The Cage from interlopers pretty efficiently.

The Shattered Forest

The formerly barren area known as The Shattered Forest isn’t so drab anymore.  Previously, gunfights in the burnt down forest area, were fairly ho-hum, as there wasn’t enough cover or any major draw to the area.

Now, the remaining burnt trees have been replaced by the growth of greenery, brightening up the area.  In addition, Flyers have built nests throughout the open fields.  These nests can now be used as cover when traversing the area.  Aside from that, the area has only received one new small structure along the south.  It’s an improvement but hasn’t made The Shattered Forest a hotspot just yet.


We mentioned that the cause of all these changes stemmed from the tower in Repulsor coming down.  This map change is almost purely cosmetic. The tower now lays across one of the overlooking mountains. Unfortunately, the downed tower is not climbable and does not serve you an advantage.

The Leviathans

The two behemoth creatures that have made their way too land don’t pose too much of a threat.  Their seldom screeches can startle you, but otherwise, you’re safe if you’re keeping your distance.

One Leviathan has made himself comfortable near The Cage, and the other in front of Containment.  Both are leisurely eating from a three atop a mountain.  However, on occasion, they will raise their foot and drop it, instantly downing you.

Unfortunately, the Leviathans hold no competitive advantage as you are unable to land on the creatures.  Although, if you’re lucky, you may be able to coax a team to wander too close to the Leviathan’s foot as it drops.


Apex Legends’ Battle Charge season also introduces the L-Star weapon.  Brought over from the core Titantfall series, L-Star is a “Fully Kitted”, gold weapon akin to the Kraber and Mastiff.

This powerful weapon can be found through supply drops, again like the gold shotgun and Kaber sniper rifle.  The L-Star is a uniquely strong weapon as it has a much higher fire rate, however, the L-Star heats up quite quickly, requiring a cooldown.  This helps balance the weapon, as it is so powerful, it is able to tear down closed doors when chasing opponents.  The L-Star also has a limited ammo supply, which cannot be replenished after use.

Misc. Changes

You will also encounter many other small changes throughout your season two campaign.  There are new supply crates and additional zip lines to use around the map.  Outside Artillery, you’ll also find a landed Air Ship with a few pickups within.

Pathfinder players will also notice that the survey beacon that once sat upon the installation overlooking Cascades has moved into the heart of Containment. Also, the beacon between Cascades and Wetlands has moved to the centre of The Cage.

Season two has brought many new changes to Kings Landing. These changes should be enough to bring lapsed players back into the fold. While Respawn Entertainment does not update their game as much as Epic Games has with Fortnite, I do expect minor updates to continue throughout the season. For instance, the placement of the Leviathans could change and the Flyers could become more active.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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