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WESG USA National Finals Recap: Day Two

11 Nov , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Day two of the WESG USA National Finals brought a whole slate of semifinal matchup games.  Continuing from the previous day, the last semi-final round of CS:GO co-ed was held.  Day two also housed the semifinals for games including PES, Dota 2, and Hearthstone.

Watch the WESG USA National Finals Here


Counter-Strike Global Offensive

The last semi-final round was held between Swole Patrol and Vireo Pro.  Each team had their own advantages.  Vireo coming in had a more structured team set, while Swole Patrol lacked structure, but had a line up of more-established players.

As the first game began, both teams were very evenly matched.  Swole Patrol took a few matches, Vireo came back. However, Swole’s use of economy allowed the team to gain the upper edge and the team took off.  Vireo managed to pick up a win here and there, but could not retain any advantage.  Swole took the first game 16-8.

Moving into Overpass, Swole’s momentum did not stop.  The team steamrolled their way through each match. Even when placed in a pistol-only round, the team managed to succeed.  Zellsis and Cooper of Swole were on top of the game.  Because of the stable output Swole, they secured their place in the finals with a 16-4 victory.

Dota 2

The A Stage transitioned into the Dota 2 stage for the remainder of the day.  First up, Team Team and Zugzwang took to the stage.  Team Team have created quite the presence in the Dota community in the past, while Zugzwang was a bit of a wildcard pick.

Team Team demonstrated their dominance through and through.  Zugzwang found themselves in a hole they could not dig themselves out of.  Team Team swept both games will little push back. Team Team now progresses into the finals.

Next up, Team and Wheel closed off the Dota 2 semifinals.  Both teams were relatively unknown but were eager to show their skills.  Team took the first game. Though it was not as clean as they wanted, the team used what they had working for them.

Wheel came back with a vengeance.  Although Team had made some solid moves in the early game, their strategies were weakened.  Wheel ended up taking game two with relative ease.

Game three saw a very confident Wheel.  Their rotations and strategies were impeccable.  Team was unable to counter and in a rather quick game, won the semifinals and will proceed.


Over on the B Stage, PES was the first game of the afternoon.  Delpierousa83 played as Arsenal, while Madawi83 played as Liverpool.  The first game began and both players were quite evenly matched.  As the game continued, Madawi gained his composure and scored three straight goals, bringing the game to 4-2.  Delpierousa managed to score one last-minute goal, but time was not on his side. Madawi still took the first game 4-3.

Delpierousa chose a different strategy, switching to Liverpool for game two.  This team swap did seem promising, as Delpierousa was able to keep the game’s score even.  Although, after half-time, Madawi scored a goal, giving him the lead.  Afterwards, Madawi kept a tight defence and took the lead to the end.

The second set of players to hit the stage was MeanMachine and J&J.  Both players played the Liverpool team. This first game saw less action compared to the last matchup.  MeanMachine took the first game, but only 2-1 over J&J.

Similarly, game two ended the same way.  The margin of difference between the two players’ skill level was small.  Both players were very competent.  However, MeanMachine has that slight upper edge and will go on to face Madawi tomorrow in the finals.

Hearthstone Woman’s

As PES concluded, the Hearthstone Woman’s semi-finals began.  Ophelie and Alliestasza were first up to the stage.  Ophelie was considered a bit of an underdog due to experience on stage and recognition.

Alliestrasza in an experienced player, but unfortunately could not find a winning strategy. Despite winning the first game, Ophelie blew up like a stick of dynamite.  Her card lineups were robust and reliable.  Her forward-thinking plays created a winning circumstance, ending in a 3-1 split.

Afterwards, Edelweiss and Justine began their game.  During our interview with Justine, she was a little unsure of how her performance would fair.  Whether it was her being humble, or having skepticism, Justine had no problem establishing a lead, winning the first two games.  Game three came down to the wire, but Edelweiss took her opening and finally got on the board.  However, her efforts were unable to keep Justine from winning the fourth game and moving to the finals.


The last set of matches were dedicated to the co-ed Hearthstone semifinals.  The first set brought JustSaiyan and Gallon to the stage.  JustSaiyan was looked at as the top contender, purely for his experience and skill.

JustSaiyan started relatively strong, however, the first game was won with a bit of difficulty due to Gallon’s deck.  Game two was a bit easier for JustSaiyan, his deck was built exceptionally well and in one of the quickest matches of the semi-finals, JustSaiyan stole another win.  What turned out to be the last game was equally as quick.  Gallon’s Priest deck was not optimized to go against JustSaiyan. JustSaiyan now advances to the finals.

Finally, Astrogation and SwaggyG ended the day off.  Both players were pretty close in skills. SwaggyG won the first two games.  It has looked like it might have been a pretty clean best of five heading into the third game.

Astrogation had a fierce comeback.  He finally managed to get on the board in game three. From there, his head was in the game.  Astrogation went on to not only tie the board 2-2 but took the final game.  In a rather large upset, Astrogation defined the odds and played very strategically to now go against JustSaiyan in the finals.

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Watch the WESG USA National Finals Here

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