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WESG USA National Finals Recap: Day Three

12 Nov , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The WESG USA Nation Finals have now concluded.  Finalists in eight different categories across six different titles competed for their chance to walk away with the grand prize and the advancement to the Grand Finals taking place in China next year.

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Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Woman’s

To kick off a full day of heated competition, CLG Red and Star Spangled Fraggers returned to the stage.  Both teams had a full day to regroup and strategize for the finals.  Things began on Overpass.  Neither team had a clear advantage.

Players Minnieyo and Emuhlee on SSF were both powerhouses.  Though CLG had consistently kept the lead, it was not a clear road to victory.  Giving CLG a run for their money, SSF faltered when switching to the T side.  CLG won the first game 16-11.

As we moved into Train for game two, SSF really needed to step their game up.  The team’s window of opportunity was closing quickly.  The entire CLG team were on point and in the beginning rounds, it looked a bit rough for SSF.

Though, once SSF took to the CT side, they began feeling more comfortable.  CLG had some solid utility picks, but SSF made great use of their economy and managed to bring it back and tie the game 11-11.  Benita, Refinnej, and Rettop were forced to kick it up a notch for CLG.  SSF continued to push, they were able to bring the total score to 14-15.

After a quick replay call, Benita took it home for her CLG team.  CLG won the finals in pressure-filled second game.


Afterwards, the CS:GO action took a break and we went into the Vainglory finals.  Tribe Gaming and Vision Gaming were up next in the finals.  Both teams played excellent matches during the semifinals, Tribe a bit more, sweeping their competition.

As the finals began, it seemed that Vision had a slight advantage.  Their line up consisted of more offensive and tank heroes.  This proved to be a good choice as Vision continually placed Tribe in a corner they could not get out of.  This lead to Vision taking the first two games in the best of five matches.

Tribe come back with a vengeance.  An improved strategy and the late-game Blackclaw lead to the team finally getting on the board.  Tribe went all in for offence during game four, Oldskool and Xelciar were brick walls for their competition.  Steamrolling their way through, Tribe came back and took us to game five.

This continued into the final game.  Vision could not get their rotations down accordingly to combat Tribe.  As Tribe stormed the field, it was quick last game but ultimately, Tribe took the final game and won the Vainglory finals

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Co-ed

Next game was held on the A Stage as we came back to CS:GO.  Singularity and Swole Patrol went head to head. We began on Cache and both teams seemed pretty neck and neck.  Though once Singularity hit the T side, things seemed to go more smoothly for the team.  Their effective use of economy and rotations put a lot of pressure on Swole and the team took the first game 16-11.

Game two placed the teams on Nuke.  Once again, neither team lead the game with a great lead. Into the late game, however, Swole was able to break the 10-10 tie and begin applying enough pressure to gain the advantage.  Swole ended up getting on the board winning 16-12.

The pressure was on Singularity now as game three went to Train.  This time, Singularity was able to gain enough momentum to bring themselves ahead while on the T side.  As the teams swapped spawns, the tension built.  Swole began slowly climbing the ladder and catching up to Singularity.  Swole forced Singularity to slow their plays down, which ended up working in Singularity’s benefit.

Singularity won the finals with only a 16-11 lead over Swole.


The finals transitioned back over to the B Stage for the PES finals.  Madawi83 versus MeanMachine.  Both players had found success during their semifinal matches and it seemed like Madawi had the upperedge heading into the finals.

Both players chose to play as Liverpool.  The first game was a bit rocky for MeanMachine. Although he was able to get a goal in, Madawi had the strategies and coordination needed to bring his total to two and take game one.

MeanMachine was all offence and no defence in game two.  No matter the plays, MeanMachine was unable to keep Madawi away from his net.  Madawi gained three goals and kept his defence tight. Madawi will go on to represent the USA in China in the Grand Finals.

Starcraft 2

Neeb and Silky stepped up to stage to kickoff the Starcraft 2 finals.  Neeb and Silky, both very respected player in the community, this was a huge game for the Starcraft community.

Known for his Protoss plays, Neeb was at the top of his game.  In quick succession, Neeb dominated every game in the finals.  Neeb’s strategies played out quickly, not allowing Silky to advance too much.  Neeb gained the supplies he needed and built an offensive force strong enough to continually break through and of Silky’s defence.

Need went 3-0 and won the finals without breaking much of a sweat for himself.

Dota 2

Closing out the A stage was the Dota 2 final match up.  Team Team and Wheel returned after the two players found success during the first day.  Team Team went into the first game incredibly strong. Their lineup and rotation could not be matched.  After taking all three lanes, Wheel was unable to come back, allowing Team Team to take the first game.

Team Team’s communication and lineup picks continued strongly into game two.  Their strategies were unparalleled by anything Wheel attempted to pull off.  Team Team again took the second game, placing them as the finalist winner.

Hearthstone Woman’s

Justine and Ophelie took the stage for the Woman’s Hearthstone Finals.  Justine began with a strong advantage.  Her deck was solid and allowed her to get through the first two games with relative ease.

As things were looking a bit shaky for Ophelie going into game three, she managed to build a strategy to contest Justine enough so that she was able to bring herself onto the board.  Ophelie seemed to have a winning deck to keep her afloat going into game four.  Justine was in a rough place near the endgame.  Despite the odds, Justine came back with a last-minute heal and took out her opponent.  Justine landed as the USA Finalist winner and will continue to the Grand Finals.


Finally, JustSaiyan and Astrogation closed out the WESG USA Finals.  Though both players went in with relative confidence, JustSaiyan happened to have the experience needed in the finals.  After taking a year off, Astrogation had his work cut out for him in the finals.

JustSaiyan showed a lot of prowess and his ability to build and utilize a deck was unmatched the whole way through.  The pressure on Astrogation was heavy, JustSaiyan ran through each game with relative ease.  Just Saiyan swept Astrogation 3-0 and joins the rest of the talented players and will represent his country in the Grand Finals next year.

Congrats to each player for making it so far in the WESG.  We all look forward to witnessing the Grand Finals in China.

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