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WESG Canada Finals Recap: Day Three

29 Oct , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The WESG Canada Finals came to an end during EGLX today.  After holding the Canada Finals for PES 2019, Dota 2, and Vainglory yesterday, the final day of EGLX would host two seperate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

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Each finals tournament would crown a champion and the winners would walk away with a finalist prize of $15’000.  The winners of each series would also go on to the WESG grand finals, taking place in China during the spring of next year.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Woman’s Finals

The first finals series of the event saw Mirage Esports go up against the esteemed Those Damn Canadians.  Those Damn Canadians are comprised of long-running CS:GO players from Dignitas and CLG.
As Those Damn Canadians had participated in last year’s WESG, participating in the finals in fact, the team was in good shape to take on Mirage.

The communications and the sheer amount of confidence from Those Damn Canadians could be felt throughout the first game.  TDG began with a good advantage.  The players have been playing with enough long enough that they had the experience over Mirage.  This was very important when playing on Train.

Though Mirage was tough, Athxna especially, it was not enough.  Mirage could not nail their rotations or get their fundamentals down.  Because of this, TDC took the first game with a 16-1 lead over Mirage.

While some of the members of Mirage lost their steam, Cirrus played very strong and held the team together.  On TDG, both Missharvey and Goosebreeder were unstoppable forces.  Along with Rain, the majority of their team went uncontested for a large portion of the rounds.  Their precision and expertise helped steamroll their way through the second game.

Missharvey, in particular, tore up Mirage during the last round on Cache.  Her efforts were the cherry on top, bringing the second game to a close with yet another 16-1 score over Mirage.
Those Damn Canadians will once again go on the represent Canada in the grand finals in China.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Co-Ed Finals

After both teams showed their skills with various levels of success, Wardell ‘N’ Friends and Grizzlys returned to the stage to close off the weekend of WESG tournaments.

Wardell was in strong contention to take the series, based off their 2-0 sweep during the prior days’ match.  Wardell ‘N’ Friends being comprised of Steele, Wardell, Subroza, GMD, and Moose.  Once again, based off experience both in the game and on stage went a long way for these two teams.  As the pressure came to a head only one team would walk away with the championship and $15’000.

Starting game one on Inferno, Grizzlys started on a strong foot.  They were making solid rotations, making good use of team placement.  Grizzlys began to slow down incrementally. Wardell took advantage of that and quickly caught up, overtaking Grizzlys significantly.

While the spread was not as large as some would have expected, Wardell beat Grizzlys with a 16-9 difference.

As game two began on Dust2, Wardell held on to the momentum from last game.  Sweeping the first five games.  While Grizzlys managed to poke and prod their way to win four rounds, Wardell ‘N’ Friends had the experience of playing with each other regularly and forced their opponents into a corner.  With no leverage, Grizzlys was unable to recover, and Wardell ‘N’ Friends took the second game, and the finals 16-4.

Congratulations to both Those Damn Canadians and Wardell ‘N’ Friends for their achievements.  Best of luck to both of these teams as they participate in the grand finals in early 2019.

Keep up with WorldGaming Network as we take you through the second half of the WESG Canada Finals in December.

About The Author: Steve Vegvari

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Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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