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WESG Canada Final Recap: Day Two

28 Oct , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The WESG Canada Finals continued on during EGLX today. Qualifying players of Dota 2, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Vainglory returned to the stage.  Each series would determine which team would be crowned the Canadian finalist and receive the grand prize for their respective game.

Watch the WESG Canadian National Finals starting at 12PM EST

Day two of the Canada Finals also brought the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive semifinals.  Three different series of teams would go head to head to participate in the Canada finals on Sunday, October 28th.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Woman’s Semifinal

As the expo opened, the first series to take place was the woman’s CS:GO semifinals. LiViD Academy and Mirage Esports walked to the stage.

These two teams were competing for their chance to face Those Damn Canadians in the finals.  Mirage had a clear advantage, being the team comprised of more seasoned players. The line of casters were all very confident in the team’s ability to succeed as the first game began.

The pre-game predictions proved to be true Mirage stole the first game of the semifinals.  In a strong 15-0 straight win victory, Mirage proved that their experience in the pro-level series was an asset for the team.  Though LiViD continued to show determination, the coordination could not hold up.

Mirage continued to apply pressure during the second game.  Quick and efficient, Mirage spent the bulk of the efforts pushing the map and not giving LiViD any breathing room.  Though LiViD managed to plant their feet a little more than in game one, Mirage was headstrong from front to back.

The aggressive force that was Mirage Esports allowed the team to dominate the second match with a final score of 16-2.  Mirage will now go against Those Damn Canadians in the CS:GO woman’s finals.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Semifinal

The CS:GO stage then transitioned to their co-ed series.  Wardell ‘N’Friends and Poutine Warriors were the first teams on stage.

Poutine Warriors had a clear advantage as the first game began.  However, Wardell was able to bring it back and it was neck and neck between the two teams through the first game.  By round 21, Poutine only held a 2 score lead.

Coming down to the wire, Wardell gained the lead of 15-14.  Heading into the 30th round, Steele blew through the Poutine team.  Giving Wardell their first point.

Mirage was the second map played by in this semifinal series.  Poutine Warriors had their chance to tie up the series and began with a lot of force.  The team flew ahead 8-4 but ultimately lost momentum to Wardell ‘N’ Friends. Wardell caught up to the team, and then some.  Final scoring landed at 15-8, putting Wardell into the finals.

Last up on the CS:GO stage, Grizzlys would be pitted against LiViD Gaming.  Neither team had a clear advantage.  Both Grizzlys and LiViD played very competently in the beginning, using the economy to their very best while playing on Mirage.  Unfortunately, Grizzlys began to falter.  Not having two consecutive gun rounds, gave LiViD their chance to leverage their buys and secure the first game.

LiViD began the second game very aggressively.  However, Grizzlys felt very comfortable playing on Nuke and began to pressure their opponents.  M3lio and Incredible helped square up the rounds 6-7, closing the gap.

Game two could only be described as a tug-of-war.  Each round would alternate between the two teams.  M3lio on Grizzlys and Koler on LiViD were both leading their respective teams.  Ultimately, Nuke proved to be Grizzly’s map, taking it to game 3 with a 15-13 split.

On to Train, Grizzlys had all the momentum.  Barely giving LiViD an inch to work with, Grizzlys had strong rotations. By the time Grizzlys had a 13-1 advantage, LiViD resorted to quick run and gun tactics.  These desperate strategies were unable to change the tide of game 2.  Ending the game with a 16-1 lead, Grizzlys secured their placement in the finals against Wardell ‘N’ Friends.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Foxmulder1024 returned to face off against Wanna917 in the first finals series during EGLX.  Both players had secured their place in the finals with relative ease the day prior.

Wanna917 felt more confident and comfortable after dominating the semifinals.  As Wanna917 once again playing as Arsenal, Foxmulder1024 continued to lean on Liverpool.

As the match began, Wanna917 played very aggressively.  While Fox took his time and created a calculated plan.  Fox, waiting for an opening and as soon as he was able to break away and score the first goal.  It didn’t take long for Wanna917 to come back with a goal of his own.

Much to Fox’s displeasure, Wanna played a tight defence and topped it off with a strong offence.  With Fox’s back against the wall, Wanna917 took the first game 2-1.

Quickly jumping into game 2, Fox recovered and asserted his dominance by getting his first goal in the first minute.  Wanna917 quickly came back with a goal of his own.  Fox managed to break through Wanna’s defence and gained a second goal during the late-game.

After many squandered goal attempts, Wanna917 returned to score a goal and tied up the game.  It did not take long for Wanna917 to score once again.  This last goal ultimately secured his placement as Canada’s representative in PES.


What What and RingoFanClub came to the stage to compete for their shot to play in the grand finals.  Due to some technical difficulties, the first game played between the two teams was determined to be nullified.

Both teams held their integrity and decided to replay the game with their previous drafts to ensure fairness and quality of the match.  After a brief intermission, Ringo and What What returned to the stage.

As the match began, What What was looking like they had the team advantage.  What What began with an excellent draft line up of heroes.  However, RingoFanClub has sheer skill.  No matter the strategies What What threw at the team, they could deflect.  RingFanClub took the first game of the series.

RingoFanClub, now confident with the composition and strategies, set off to replicate some of their early game rotations.  Reasonably early on, What What managed to snag the Ghostwing giving them a much-needed edge.  While What What held the advantage for a portion of the match Ringo played smart and managed to shove the competition aside, gaining that second win.

What What had clearly lost some of their steam.  Ringo quickly obtained the Blackclaw which backed by the Ringo team, made quick work of the center lane.  All heroes focused on What What’s defence and it was a quick road to victory for RingoFanClub.  Ringo will now proceed to the grand finals in 2019.

Dota 2

Finally, PotM Bottom and BigBadBosses stepped up for the final series of the day.  Both teams had very strong games during the semifinal games.  PotM Bottom and BigBad swept their respective matches 2-0. Potm Bottom managed to win the first game of the finals.  In a somewhat unconventional climax, BigBadBosses were forced to forfeit due to a complication between the length of the WESG and the team’s travel schedule.

Even though BigBadBosses showed some strong teamwork and communication, it was unfortunate that their stage presence was cut short during the finals.

Congratulations to today’s finalist winners in PES 2019, Dota 2, and Vainglory.  The winners will now go on to represent Canada in spring of 2019.

Keep up with WorldGaming Network as we take you through the WESG CS:GO finals during EGLX’s final day starting at 12pm EST.

Watch the WESG Canadian National Finals starting at 12PM EST

About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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