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Weapons to keep in your arsenal for every match in Quake Champions

7 Sep , 2017  

Written by: Jon Scarr
After a successful closed beta earlier this year and an amazing Quake World Championships Finals, id Software’s Quake Champions has finally entered early access on Steam and the launcher. Now that the next true Arena shooter is here, it is time to get ready for some fast, skill-based action unlike anything you have faced before. Learn which Weapons to keep in your arsenal for every match in Quake Champions.

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To be successful at Quake Champions, one of the key elements is to understand what weapons you need and when to use them. I’ve put together a list of weapons that you should have in your arsenal for every match.

Super Nail Gun

The Super Nail Gun is a high damage, fully automatic projectile weapon. This weapon pierces your enemies armour, boasts the highest rate of damage in the game and sports a very high fire rate. Additionally, it has the most DPS of any weapon in Quake Champions and is best to use from close range to long-range.
The Super Nail Gun is my go to weapon If I want to burst someone down really fast that is in close range. On the other hand, this is also a very good weapon to use if you are looking to spam  your opponent from long distance. It is also a good weapon to use if you have run out of ammo and want to chase down that frag. Pin your opponent down and blast away! Be careful though, the Super Nail Gun requires skill and can be difficult to use properly thanks in part to the game’s fast paced gameplay.
In summary, the Super Nail Gun is both an offensive and defensive projectile weapon with high DPS that can be hard to aim. This is the perfect weapon to use for burst damage or spamming your opponent.


ShotGun / Super ShotGun

The ShotGun is one of the three starting weapons that you can choose from in Quake Champions. This close range weapon is what is known as a hitscan weapon, which means that as soon as you press the fire button the enemy that you are shooting at takes damage.
As you might have guessed, the closer you are to your opponent the more damage you will do with this weapon. Conversely, the farther away from your opponent you are the less damage you will inflict because of its spread.  Now, you might think that the ShotGun is a good weapon to run around with—it isn’t. I highly recommend using the ShotGun as your finisher weapon—used when your opponent has 50 health or less. The ShotGun can be replaced by the Super ShotGun, which you pickup while playing. The Super ShotGun has double barrels and does double the damage.
In a nutshell, the ShotGun and Super ShotGun is an offensive weapon with hitscan and spread. This weapon is mostly used as a finisher weapon to burn down the last few hit points of your enemy quickly.


Lightning Gun

The Lightning Gun is one of my favourite weapons in Quake Champions and is a purely offense weapon. This is a hitscan beam weapon and can do some killer damage to your opponents. This weapon is best used in a one-on-one fight in medium range. It is important to keep your crosshair on your target at all times when using the lightning gun, which to be honest can be quite a challenge.
What I like about the Lightning Gun is that when it hits your opponent, it will push them back a bit. And, if your accuracy is good enough, you can pin people to walls or ceilings with this weapon. All things considered, the Lighting Gun is a purely offensive hitscan weapon that has good DPS and is best to use against a single target that is within medium range.


Rail Gun

The Rail Gun is a very useful and powerful weapon in Quake Champions. Essentially, this weapon is Quake Champions’ equivalent of a sniper riffle. The Rail Gun is a hitscan weapon that fires a single high damage shot that requires time to charge up before you can fire again.
This long-range weapon is best used when you can predict exactly where your opponent is going to be at the time you shoot. It is also good for quickly connecting damage that you want to get on your opponent before they duck around a corner. With the Rail Gun, if you can find a good point overlooking some valuable power ups, you can pick off your opponents with ease.
By and large, the Rail Gun is an offensive long-range hitscan weapon with a single shot burst damage and is great for negating your opponents item pick ups.


Rocket Launcher

This classic Quake series weapon is the second most powerful weapon in the game and is also the second slowest. The Rocket Launcher is both an offensive and defensive weapon that you’ll be using most of the time to move around the map. In addition to being an offensive and defensive weapon, the Rocket Launcher is a projectile weapon. This means that when you fire a rocket, the rocket has travel time. Ultimately, you are going to have to predict where your opponent will be when the rocket reaches them if you are going to use this weapon successfully.
Generally, you are going to use the Rocket Launcher from close to medium range. However, you must keep in mind that the Rocket Launcher has splash damage. So, you can injure yourself when using it. Another thing about the Rocket Launcher that makes it a great weapon is that it can make your opponent go flying through the air. In turn, this makes the Rocket Launcher a great weapon to use to control your opponent’s movement.
The Rocket Launcher’s use as a defensive weapon is impressive. If you trap your opponent in a small space, you can spam rockets at them and do a lot of damage. To get the most “bang for your buck”, I suggest using the Rocket Launcher when your opponent to be close to a flat surface. This will allow you to shoot the floor right at your opponent’s feet and give you a greater chance of inflicting damage on your opponent. Furthermore, if you fire at a wall close by your opponent, they are susceptible to splash damage.

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To sum things up, the Rocket Launcher is a close to medium range weapon that is great for offensive or defensive combat. It fires explosive projectiles with splash damage that is great for controlling your opponent’s movement.

I hope you enjoyed my list of weapons that you should have in your arsenal for every match in Quake Champions. Now that you know more about the weapons in Quake Champions and when to use them, you’ll soon be fragging opponents right and left. Let me know in the comments section below which weapon from my list is your favourite and why.
Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who loves all things gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with technology and gaming for over 20 years. Come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter.


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