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TwitchCon 2016: Highlights + Speakers

12 Sep , 2016  

TwitchCon 2016 is over! Check out what happened at this year’s TwitchCon.

From the streaming communities to the developers who make the games we love playing, it’s a celebration of all things Twitch.

The WorldGaming team had their our booth at the San Diego Convention Center, California from September 30 – October 2. The #WGNation who was lucky enough to be in the area stopped by and said hi!

Check out this awesome video of our inside scoop on all things Twitch!

What did we look forward to most at TwitchCon 2016?

  • Meets & greets with our favorite streamers
  • Learning some advanced streaming techniques from the masters
  • Getting our hands on some brand new titles
  • and of course seeing gamers unite!

If weren’t lucky enough to be in California at the end of September, we have some behind-the-scenes pictures and highlights for you so you can feel part of the awesomeness.

We’ll post them here on Inside WorldGaming and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




What to Expect at TwitchCon 2016

For those who attended, the attendees got a chance to mingle with the Twitch community, including the biggest names and rising stars like:

Twitch’s first Global Ambassador and Fighting Game Legend currently competing in Street Fighter 5 tournaments around the world. He is also a Red Bull Athlete with 20+ year gaming career.

Photo: TwitchCon

Photo: TwitchCon

Most well known for his League of Legends filled with hilarity broadcasts and videos! Being part of the League of Legends and Twitch community for years and he is the most followed League of Legends broadcaster aside from Riot Games.

Photo: TwitchCon

Photo: TwitchCon

Summit1g is a self-proclaimed CS:GO Professional Player. He streams daily to showcase his game skills Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, H1Z1, and more!

Photo: TwitchCon

Photo: TwitchCon

Potato aims and cats are his thing.

Photo: TwitchCon

Photo: TwitchCon

Imaqtpie often starts streaming from 7am until whenever! You’ll see his two cats on his streams, and sometimes his dog as well.

Photo: TwitchCon

Photo: TwitchCon


There were tons of panels covering some buzz topics that everyone wanted to hear about. At this year’s TwitchCon they also announced a new Industry Track for attendees that work in the video game and related industries, but you need a “Partner” or “Media” badge. Industry Track attendees will have access to exclusive pre-show, Twitch streamers, workshops, and industry panels.

Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

twitchcon 2016

Photo Credit: Twitch Blog


Special Zones

Besides the TwitchCon panels, live shows, and the expo hall, was a variety of interactive, educational, and competitive showcases at these special zones:

  • Gaming Arena
  • Education Row
  • Charity Plaza
  • Indie District
  • Streamer Zone
  • Meet, Mingle, and Create


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There were special areas that you had to visit at this year’s TwitchCon 2016. Attendees were able to meet, play and relax with the gaming obsessed!

Some fan favorites of TwitchCon are:

  • Streamer Alley (Meet and Greets)
  • Free Play Square
  • Creative Corner
  • Music Garden
  • LoL Viewing Lounge


What Gamers Thought About TwitchCon 2016

We seriously can’t wait for TwitchCon 2017!

The gamers that attended the event had a lot of things to say. Check out some of the TwitchCon 2016 reactions below.




TwitchCon 2016 Highlights

TwitchCon 2016

TwitchCon 2016

iPodKingCarter Streaming at the WorldGaming booth!

TwitchCon 2016

TwitchCon 2016

TwitchCon 2016

The TwitchCon: The Party was fire.

TwitchCon 2016

There was awesome cosplay to see at TwitchCon 2016.


A big thanks to iPodKingCarter who live streamed at our booth this year at TwitchCon.

Want to see what you missed out on? Luckily for you, we recorded iPodKingCarter’s live stream on our Twitch channel. Watch it below:

Who is iPodKingCarter?

iPodKingCarter is a professional gamer who makes YouTube videos on the NBA 2K series and just about any great game he can get his hands on. He can show you how to make the best player, make the best plays and much more. Interested in checking out more of iPodKingCarter’s videos? You can check out his YouTube right here.

Last Year at TwitchCon



Throwback to the our booth at TwitchCon last year!


We can’t wait until TwitchCon 2017!



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