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#WGNation Best Twitch Live Stream Highlights: Nov. 8th

6 Nov , 2015  

Between NBA 2K16, MKX and Madden 16, Twitch has been on fire this week.

Check out our highlight reel with some of our favorite streamers who work hard to play hard.

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Best Twitch Live Stream Highlights

Learn from the pro’s on how to keep us entertained with the most popular titles.

Or look into starting your own stream with these 6 simple tips.


CherryBlossomPlays Does Serious Damage

One of our favorite streamers brings Mileena to life in her 4:00pm Mortal Kombat X battles!

And let’s just say Miss CherryBlossom knows how to deal some damage.

Watch her kick some serious butt here:

Tune into Cherry Blossom’s stream and challenge her yourself!

She’ll put up a great match.


iPodKingCarter’s Got Game

Meanwhile, iPodKingCarter gets hands-on with the new NBA 2K16 and makes some seriously unreal shots in MyPark.

If this doesn’t make you want to play NBA 2K16 I don’t think anything will!

Once you’ve mastered your skills, jump in and play some head-to-head matches for fun with #WGNation on the site.


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CRBuke Tackles the New Madden

We’ve decided that of the ’16 instalments, the new Madden is by far our favorite. Catch one of the pro’s at work and check out CRBuke making some epic plays on the field.

Touchdowns, tackles, and all the action you can take right here:


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