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#WGNation Best Twitch Live Stream Highlights

30 Sep , 2015  

Between playing FIFA, Super Smash Bros and MKX, our #WGNation StreamTeam has been very busy!

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Best Twitch Live Stream Highlights

Check out our favorite live stream highlights from last week!


Goudster is Lethal

Our girl Erica aka Goudster sure knows how to crush it in Mortal Kombat.

Watch her finish her enemy and earn a shiny new Xbox achievement as well:

Want to challenge Goudster yourself?

She’s always playing MKX on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 10am – 2pm.


Epic DarkPch vs Luigi Battle

Meanwhile, DarkPch kicks some serious Luigi butt in one of his viewer games.

In a fight to the death on the Battlefield Stage, DarkPch’s plays are nothing to mess with:

Get into the game yourself, we’ve got 6 steps for any type of gamer to get started in live streaming.

Or just play head-to-head for fun with #WGNation on the site!


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Simone Kicks it in FIFA

Our FIFA streamer Simone also has some fun playing in online co-ops with viewers.

Watch her weave through some unsuspecting Manchester City players and score an amazing goal as Adriano on her favorite team, FC Barcelona:


Want to find out more about your WG StreamTeam? Meet our members and find out when they stream next.

Until next week, ¬†we’ll see you on our Twitch channel!


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