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#WGNation Best Twitch Highlights: October 16th

16 Oct , 2015  

I’ve been playing a lot of the new ’16 releases, and after some failed attempts and a few successes I started wondering how other gamers were making out.

And where better to look then at some of my favorite streamers on Twitch?

I found some pretty entertaining streams, a few gamers who’ve mastered the new releases already, and then the rest just made me feel better about my own gaming skills.

But I’ve recapped the best ones for you below.


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Missed the highlights from last week?

You can still see them all right here.


RealMiviens Dance Party

Fellow Canadian and top NHL player RealMiviens opens up some card packs in NHL 16. To his surprise, he pulls out some amazing players.

His reaction and celebratory dance party are definitely worth watching:


Career Mode Test Run

Meanwhile in NBA 2K16, streamer Chris Smoove plays his first NBA game in career mode.

Check out his reactions and thoughts on the gameplay:


Simone’s FIFA 16 Debut

To finish off, your WorldGaming StreamTeam member Simone gets a great debut in FIFA 16.

How can you complain when the enemy scores an own-goal for you? Not that she needs the help, of course:


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