July Tournaments

29 Jun , 2017  

The latest video game tournaments are here, #WGNation!

See below for all the titles and tournaments happening in July.


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Sports Cups

Every day of July, play in Cups for FIFA 17, NBA 2K17, Madden 17, and NHL 17! Win medals in Cup brackets, and work your way up the standings to win cash prizes! Learn more about the Cups here:

  • FIFA 17 Cup
  • NBA 2K17 Cup
  • Madden 17 Cup
  • NHL 17 Cup

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    Monthly Leaderboards

    For the entire month of July, play in leaderboards to win cash prizes! Learn more about the Monthly Leaderboards here.


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    Street Fighter V

    All of July, play in the Street Fighter V Gauntlet for PS4. Learn more about the Street Fighter V Gauntlet here.

    Join the Street Fighter V Gauntlet


    Injustice 2

    From July 10th to July 31st, join the Injustice 2 Gauntlet for PS4! Learn more about the Injustice 2 Gauntlet here.

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    How Do Video Game Tournaments Work?

    Get all the answers you need from this quick tournament walkthrough:


    Do You Still Have Questions?

    The WorldGaming forum is where you’ll find answers for all of our video game tournaments.

    Check out the FAQ board or submit your own thread for our moderators to answer.


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