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Titanfall 2: 5 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Game

14 Apr , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
Titanfall 2 is the sequel to the 2014 original game that was available exclusively on Xbox One. Available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Titanfall 2 is bigger and better than its predecessor in virtually every way. Check out these awesome Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks.
With a deep multiplayer experience, Titanfall 2 delivers fast-paced action brimming with inventive twists.
As one of my favourite games of 2016, I am here to help you improve your Titanfall 2 game with a few tip and tricks that will set you on your own path to victory.
Without further ado, here are five tips and tricks to help improve your Titanfall 2 game.

Choose the right weapon

It’s important to choose the right weapon with the right abilities for the map you are playing in order to maximize your effectiveness. Most veteran first-person-shooter gamers use this little trick and just like other FPS games, Titanfall 2 rewards you handsomely for playing with the right weapons.
So now let’s talk specifics, using stim will significantly boost your speed and will heal you after a short delay. Using this in tandem with the shotgun will give you the ability to absolutely destroy your enemy!
The shotgun is already a one-shot hit from close range, but having the ability to get healed when you need to and escape, or get up close and finish of your foe—makes you extremely powerful.
On the other hand, using the Kraber Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with the cloak will make you lethal.
Pilots move so quickly in the cloak, making it very difficult for enemies to find you. Many times when trying to snipe, you’ll be standing still trying to line up your shot and get killed.
The problem is that if your opponent spots you while you are sniping, all they have to do is walk up to you and finish you off. With the cloak, you become much more difficult for your opponents to spot you, and on open maps you’ll be able to easily find targets and destroy them.
Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks

Amp your weapons

Boosts are available to all pilots, you can either choose amp to make your weapons more powerful or a tick which is essentially a bomb you can throw on the ground.
It will then run around on the ground chasing people with the intent of blowing up next to them—it has a long delay and isn’t very effective.
If you are a skilled pilot who is good with aiming, you’ll want to make sure and take advantage of amped weapons. This is the other boost option; essentially these are both passive abilities that are always in the background as you get kills.
As you play the objective, you’ll earn your way up to this boost. Activate it, and you are boosted. With the amped weapons you will do additional damage with both your primary and your secondary, which means anti-tank rifles!
You can even boost your primary weapon and shoot the Titans in the right spot, glowing red, and you will take them down even faster.
The biggest benefit of this is, it lasts until you die. So prioritize your health, staying alive and keep this going the while game long.
Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks
Take down enemy Titans
This one might seem obvious, but taking down enemy Titans should be your number one priority every time you play Titanfall 2.
If you let them go, they will destroy everything. Whether it’s conquering objectives in amped hard point or in bounty hunt, earning tons of cash being able to easily annihilate multiple opponents at a time. The more people working to take down enemy Titans the better.
In addition, if go after enemy Titans with amped weapons, you can take them down faster. If you jump on to Titans in Titanfall 2, you will see that it is a bit different than Titanfall.
In Titanfall 2, the first time you jump on a Titan you will automatically pull the Titan’s battery out. You can also use the grappling hook in order to get yourself on the Titan quickly.
Once you pull the battery out though, it only does about 20% damage and you automatically get kicked off the Titan.
Find some cover and when you get an opportunity, jump back on the Titan and this time with the battery pulled you will have an opportunity to drop a grenade in.
Even if you didn’t select grenades as your primary, you’ll still have one for dropping it into the Titan. This will make quick work of the Titan and help you win the objective and your teammates will thankful.
Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks

This tip is specific to winning in Amped Hardpoint, a mode is similar to your classic domination with three objectives—but there is a twist.
After you capture your points, stay on the objective and a yellow bar will start to go around the objective. Once it has gone all the way around and is full, the objective becomes amped and you will start to earn double XP.
You don’t have to stay on the objective though, the bar will tick down as soon as you leave but the objective is still considered amped until the bar goes down to zero.
If the objective does completely loose amp, you’ll still control that point but you will no longer be getting double XP. That is, unless an enemy jumps on it and captures it for themselves.
By understanding this mechanic though, if you are the player defending the point, and holding the amp—you can still help your team by pushing out at strategic times.
You can do this by helping to push up on the next objective or taking someone out that is just camping around the corner outside.
Just take them out and then run back to the objective—you’ll still be earning double XP while you are off the point.
Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks

Heal friendly Titans

As you kill enemy Titans, or even if you just jump on enemy Titans you will pull their battery out. Once you do that, it actually stays on your back.
You’ll also see these batteries highlighted as green on your mini map. You can go pick them up, one at a time, and you can jump onto a friendly Titan and increase their core by putting the battery in them.
Also, by adding the battery to a friendly Titan it will also give them an additional shield.
This is the only way Titans can get any health back, and it greatly contributes to your team—after all the Titans are the powerhouses for your team.
You can also do this for yourself, but you have to get out of your Titan to pickup the battery and when you jump back in it will automatically deploy it for your Titan.
Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks
Well there you have it, five tips and tricks to help you with your Titanfall 2 game. I hope you learned something new, and let me know in the comments section below if you have your own tips and tricks that you would like to share.
About the Author: Jon Scarr
Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who loves all things gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with technology and gaming for over 20 years. Come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter.

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