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Tips to improve your accuracy in PUBG

25 Jan , 2018  


Written by Jon Scarr

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the ultimate player versus player action game with up to 100 players where players battle it out to be the last man standing. Although there are many different ways to be successful at PUBG, the accuracy of your weapon is one of the key aspects to surviving. Read these tips to improve your accuracy in PUBG.

I’ve put together several tips that you can use to instantly improve your accuracy and help you kill enemies in PUBG faster and more efficiently. These tips are just some of the many ways you can use weapons to improve your accuracy and some will take a lot of practice. Without further delay, lets take a look these tips so you can start improving your accuracy and get that all important chicken dinner.

Crouch or prone to increase accuracy

The first thing that you can do immediately to improve your accuracy is to fire while crouching or proning. These are both helpful in all situations because your bullets are more tightly clustered and the recoil from your weapon is kept to a minimum. There are two main aspects that come into play when engaging in gunfights.

The first is bullet spread. This is the amount of recoil your weapon experiences and as a result, how tightly your bullets cluster when firing. The cluster size depends on whether you are standing, crouching, proning, if you are moving, and if you fire fully automatic or single fire.

There is also bullet deviation, which is when bullets deviate from where you are aiming and miss their mark. This is particularly problematic when engaged in long-range gunfights. The small target and bullet deviation can cause you to loose the gunfight if you are not careful, due to your bullets missing. Standing, crouching, and proning all play a part in determining the potential spread and bullet deviation. For example, the AKM has a base spread of six which increases to nine while firing in fully automatic while standing. Consequently, if you are crouching your base spread drops by 50% to four and a half, thus giving you more tightly clustered bullets. Proning further decreases bullet spread, and drops it by 80% to one point eight—the highest reduction in bullet spread you can get.

As you can see the benefits of crouching or proning is that while you are shooting in either position, your bullet spread is decreased and more tightly clustered. If you are aiming at an enemy and your bullets are more tightly clustered, you have a better chance of hitting your target rather than miss. Before engaging in gunfights, always try and crouch before shooting. Not only does this improve your accuracy, it also makes you a smaller target to hit. I recommend crouching over proning in most situations because while you are proning you loose a lot of mobility and are a sitting duck.

Switch to single fire or burst fire while using a fully automatic weapon

Another tip to improve your accuracy is by switching to single fire or burst firing when using a fully automatic weapon. This will reset the recoil and keep it to a minimum so you can land shots on your enemy and thus you will not have to worry about having to counter the recoil of your weapon.

This is especially useful at long-range and while trying to shoot a target a medium range. Shooting fully automatic is likely to move your reticle off target and cause you to miss your target.

Know the distance between you and your target

Knowing the distance between you and your target is crucial to improving your accuracy in PUBG. The game has a bullet drop system and most weapons in the game can be zeroed at different distances. To do this double tap the LT button and then press up or down on the d-pad while you are aiming.

I highly recommend zeroing at distances over 150 meters. If your opponent starts moving, not only will you have to lead your bullets, you will also have to compensate for bullet drop. By zeroing, you wont have to raise your reticle at all or compensate. It makes it much easier to land your shots on your target because the bullet will pitch up out of the barrel to land at a distance which is zeroed.

One of the easiest ways to know how much to zero in the game is by using the map. It has a lot of squares and grids, the distance between one square and the next is 100 meters. So if you are three squares away from your enemy, then you will know that your enemy is approximately 300 meters away. Always use references such as buildings or sheds that you can cross reference on the map and in game to help you estimate how far away your enemy really is.

Learn how to counter your weapon’s recoil

Countering recoil takes a bit of practice and is very important when shooting a fully automatic weapon or if you are shooting fast enough in single fire. Naturally shooting a fully automatic weapon will cause your gun’s reticle to move off your target, either upwards and left or right. Countering the recoil basically means moving in the opposite direction to bring your reticle back to its target and keeping it there as best as you can.

Mastering this technique will allow you to take out squads one-one-by-one and spray them down in an instant. There is no real way for your opponent to counter it if they aren’t prepared or are out in the open.

About the Author: Jon Scarr

Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who loves all things gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been in love with technology and gaming since the days of the Commodore 64. Come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter.

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