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STRATEGY ACADEMY: Tips to help score game deciding goals in NHL 18

17 Apr , 2018  


Written by: Jon Scarr
Everyone has their own go-to method to score a goal, the one you look to most of the time. But, what happens when your opponent catches on and takes it away by shutting you down in the offensive zone? Most of the time, I find that people get frustrated and try what everyone else does—skate into the slot for a wrister or shortside even if it’s being blocked every time. Check out these Tips to help score game deciding goals in NHL 18.

No need to worry though! I have put together a list of tips to help you score goals when your opponent tries to shut you down. It’s time to lace up those skates, tape your stick and get ready for the big game!

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Get by your opponent’s defense to open up scoring opportunities

First and foremost, if you are going to score goals in NHL18 then you are going to have to open up goal scoring opportunities. Essentially, you’ll need to look for different ways to offset your opponents. One good way to do this is by constantly skating at 45 degrees and then cutting over while moving up the ice. To do this you simply pressing your left analog stick 45 degrees to the left and then 45 degrees right. This will get your opponent to zig zag back and forth, making it easier to get around them.
Dekes are a great way to open up scoring chances and you can do them in many different situations. Personally, I’ve had great luck using both the windmill and between the legs deke. Passing is also important. You’ll want to keep your stick away from your opponents so that you can pass around them, which will ultimately give you that reach to get around your opponents when you are passing the puck.


One timers

One timers decimate! If you are able to execute a one timer correctly, it’s almost but assured to go in. However, the difficulty lies in getting the play setup. You’ll need to protect the puck from your opponent, keeping it away from them at all costs. Keep the puck moving left and right and always be looking for an open teammate.
One timers can be done in many different situations but one way that I found that works well is the cross crease snipe. This is when a player has the puck on one side of the crease (passer) and another player on the other side of the crease (shooter). The passer simply passes the puck across the crease and the shooter makes a one-timer shot right off the pass. This makes it extremely difficult for the goalie to track the puck and move across the crease to make the save.
Another great way to do a one timer while moving up the ice to put the puck between your legs, then pass it over to an open player. Simply hold the right analog stick up as you pass the puck over while aiming with your left analog stick—then let her rip! Remember, you should always be looking for an open player to pass the puck to, it’ll open up a lot more scoring opportunities.



If you get a break away, don’t try to get all fancy by trying to do all the new dekes—unless you are very comfortable doing them. Instead, skate towards the left or right post and then simply move the right analog stick to the left, roughly when you get between the hash marks at the faceoff circles.
Then, right before you are about to crash into the goalie, push the right analog stick up to shoot and score. The goalie will either not be expecting the backhand deke and will be out of position, leaving an empty net to score on. Or, the goalie will fail to make the desperation save and thus giving you an exceptional opportunity to score.


Point shot

The point shot is pretty self explanatory but I want to highly stress that you should not make this your go-to play to score goals. At best, the point shot should only be your secondary option. An opponent who sets the deep pressure to tight point will run over you! It’s best to wait for the point to be open before passing across the blue line, as it is the easiest way to get a breakaway against.
Here’s a little secret. If you are about to fire from the point, do not look at the goalie. I’ve seen so many times where someone goes for a point shot and then gets blocked five feet in front because they were focused on the net. Only watch the lane in front of you, don’t worry about the goalie and just fire it the side furthest from you.


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Go stick-side with your shots

You wont be able to do a one timer or get a breakaway all the time, so you’ll just have to take a shot. I recommend going stick-side, as I have had much more luck then shooting glove-side. This doesn’t mean if you have a great shot on the glove side, don’t take it.

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