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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: Tips to dominate your opponents in NBA 2K18

18 Jul , 2018  

Written by: Jon Scarr
NBA 2K18 is here and this year’s installment of the popular basketball franchise is better than ever. While most people will do relatively well when playing against the game’s AI, if you are going to play competitively you’ll need to be at the top of your game. Get this Tips to dominate your opponents in NBA 2K18.
I’ve put together several tips and tricks that will not only help you get the check mark in the win column but also help you dominate your opponents in NBA 2K18.

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Guard superstar players with your elite defenders

When you play against teams that have big point scorers such as James Harden, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, you’ll want to get your best defender on them from the get go. You can switch your best defender to start guarding them via coaching settings.
Players such as Draymond Green, Rudy Gobert, Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James all have very high defense ratings. This makes guarding against top offensive superstars like James Harden and Stephen Curry a lot easier. Remember, patience is the key when playing. Only steal the ball when the time is right, balance between getting tight and standing off your opponent, and learn to box out to maximize those defensive rebounds.


Know what your team is capable of

If you are going to dominate against your opponents in NBA 2K18, it is important to know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. This is something that you will develop over time as you play. Additionally, you must realize that every player on your team is unique in terms of shooting ability, defense, pace and so on.
Learn who your best Power Forwards are, who is great at shooting 3 pointers, who plays Center best and then use them. Realize that you are probably going to have to practice the shot release timing for each character to get that perfect release.
If you are up on the latest NBA stats, then this tip will come much easier for you. If not, there is no need to worry as this will naturally develop over time as you play. Once you know what your team is capable of, you’ll be able to manually substitute players as you see fit for the situation.


Target players with a bad free throw rating

You don’t want to use this technique too often or you might find yourself in individual and team foul trouble. Just like in the real NBA, teams from time to time will intentionally foul players that aren’t that good at free throws. Often, this can be the only way that you can slow down your opponent who is on an offensive roll.
It is important to ensure that your star players do not get fouled out. Furthermore, keep track to make sure that you are in the foul bonus. By making the players earn those 2 points, it gives you a chance of coming back from a deficit while also disrupting your opponent’s offensive game.


Don’t over use turbo

When you are behind, it’s natural to want to use turbo to get that speed burst to catch up to your opponent. By using these speed bursts not only will it tire your players but also disables your ability to make those quick, sliding movements that you must have to stay in front of your man.
Instead, only use turbo if you are beyond the half-court line. In half-court, move the analog stick left and right and do your best to anticipate the moves.

Apply pressure on your opponent’s offense

When your opponent is on the offense there are a few things that you can do to put pressure on the ball handler. To force turnovers, you can use the “double team strategy”. To do this, you hold L1/LB to call over a teammate to apply pressure on the ball handler from two defenders.
Additionally, you can use the right analog to contest dribble moves, passing lanes and stealing the ball. Or, you can use triangle/Y to contest or block shots.


Have patience

Quite possibly the best tip I can give you for NBA 2K18 is to have patience. It is an invaluable asset to have when you are breaking down your opponents and going for the win. When you are on the offense, don’t try and go right to the basket within the first few seconds of possession. You need to first master passing and dribbling, which will allow you to keep the defense on the run and efficiently move the ball around the court.
Furthermore, don’t try to needlessly steal the ball away from another player. Only do it when opportunity knocks and the time is right.


Don’t be afraid to run plays

If there is one thing you shouldn’t be afraid of doing in NBA 2K18 is running plays. By using the L1/LB and R1/RB buttons you can look through various different plays at the beginning of an offensive possession. I recommend waiting until a player with a good pass rating or your point guard has the ball before doing so.
You’ll be surprised how many opportunities you can get in just 24 seconds with careful clock management. Don’t be surprised if the first several times things don’t work out as expected. Stick with it and as you progress you’ll get better.
On the other hand, don’t feel that you have to use plays every single time you have possession of the ball. Mix things up and keep your opponent on their toes wondering what you are going to do next.


I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks to help dominate your opponents in NBA 2K18. Don’t forget to sign up for WorldGaming’s NBA 2K18 Cup for PS4 and Xbox One when the game launches on September 19th. Every single day from September 19th to October 31st, you can enter NBA 2K18 Cup brackets and earn medals based on how you place. At the end of October, the players with the most medals win their share of $1500!

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