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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: Tips and Techniques to become better at passing in NBA 2K18

25 Jun , 2018  

Written by: Jon Scarr

Passing is one of the most neglected fundamentals in basketball. In order for your team to be successful, it’s imperative that you know how to pass correctly in NBA 2K18. Passing is the quickest way to move the ball and challenge the defense, so it should be your primary weapon in your team’s offensive attack.

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I’ve put together a few tips and techniques to help you become better at passing, and explain some of the many passes and when to use them in NBA 2K18.

Develop your court vision

If you are going to become better at passing in NBA 2K18 it is important that you develop and enhance your court vision. What I mean by this is paying close attention to the defense. It’s imperative that you avoid passing the ball into traffic where there are two or three defends waiting. Instead, pass away from the defense.

Additionally, avoid trying to make flashy passes that might not be caught, or might be deflected or intercepted, or has only a 50% chance of success. Instead, go for the sure, easy pass that you know will make it to the intended player.

Don’t be in such a hurry

As fast paced of a game that NBA 2K18 is don’t be in a rush. This is a mistake then is often made and results in turn overs. Make good use of the 24 second shot clock and be patient. You want your players to sprint up the court for easy fast-break lay-ups as much as possible.

Conversely, when the good shot off the break is not there, you have to recognize this, bring the ball back out on top and run the offense patiently and get a good shot.

The fake pass is your friend

Often overlooked, fake passes are a fundamental technique that will help you at your passing game and cause less ball turnovers. You can get the defense to move or shift just by faking a pass in another direction. More likely than not, the will open up the intended passing lane and create an open shot for you.

Additionally, while in the triple-threat position on the wing you can open up a passing lane into the low-post by making a dribble either left or right before making the pass inside.

The lob pass

The lob pass is a helpful way for you to pass the ball when you have a defender between you and your teammate. It involves throwing the ball over your head and is usually used for passing the ball when you are close to your teammates and close to the net.

It’s important that you play the pass accurately so that the player you intend it for can run the ball.

The bounce pass for the win

The bounce pass is one of my favourite to use out of a pick-and-roll. Normally when you try and make a regular pass out of a pick-and-roll, it will be picked off. However, a bounce pass is pretty low and big defenders generally do not have good reaction time—so it’s an easy two points.

Essentially, any time you have a big man chasing down a roller you are going to want to do a bounce pass. Try and get the ball to hit the ground right as it passes the defender, it is pretty effective and you are going to get away with using it a lot. Additionally, you’ll want to use the bounce pass when running on the fast break or if you are looking to make a long distance pass.

Get the ball over your opponent’s head with the Jump Pass

The jump pass allows you to get it over the head of the defenders in front of you and its pretty quick. You need to remember not to use the jump pass when a bigger defender is chasing down the roller because it will result in a turnover.

The jump pass allows you to get a high arch on your pass, thus making it harder to intercept.


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