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Tips on becoming a better CSGO player

14 Aug , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
CS:GO Beginners Guide
To describe how good an individual player is, depends on the amount of game sense they have. Game sense can only come from experience and no matter how many tutorials you watch; you wont get any better unless you play. Check out these tips on becoming a better CSGO player.
So instead of trying to teach game sense, lets look at a series of other items that will help you become a better CS:GO player: map awareness, economy, roles, self-discipline, and faking out your enemy.

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Map awareness

Map awareness is the ability to visualize the map and anticipate your opponent’s actions before they occur. This is a skill that not everybody can say they have with confidence and is what separates the skilled players from the mediocre ones.
Timing is crucial to your success in CS:GO, and bad timing is responsible for many deaths in the game. How many times have you been caught or seen someone with their knife out or a flash and got killed because you or they were not anticipating an enemy?
To fully understand timing in CS:GO, requires a deep understanding of the game, which is achieved with hours and hours of playing the game. However, you can still practice timing. Early in a round, time your self to key positions around the maps—see who gets to the positions first, the Terrorists or the Counter Terrorists.

This knowledge will allow you to be more aware of where the enemy could be, and if you learn all the common spots around the maps there will be a less chance of you getting caught by surprise. To be great, you have to stay aware of everything that his going on around you and what your teammates are up to.
As you are playing, you should be constantly asking yourself where the enemy could be, where they couldn’t be, could they be flanking or stacking or boosting. By doing this you will find that you are reducing the amount of times that you are killed and potentially getting more kills.


You should be aware of how the in-game economy works. If you put your enemy at a weak economical state, then you’ll put yourself at an advantage going into the round.
Learn to exploit different equipment in order to strengthen your economy. For example, buying SMGs against an eco round is extremely beneficial. You’ll be rewarded with $600 per kill. If you die and loose the SMG, it’s ok as most SMGs are relatively inexpensive.
Shotguns are a bit trickier as they are a little harder to use, but you’ll also get $900 per kill. If you are in a low economical state, the Zeus is a great way to steal a riffle off of an enemy. It only cost $200 and it has a one hit capability, it’s a great asset to use against eco rounds.

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Know your role

Its important to know which role you are going to be playing each round, before it begins. Let everyone on your team know, this will help with executing various different strategies. Additionally, this will reduce any conflicts in roles as everyone has set roles before the round begins.
Furthermore, I’d highly suggest that you pick a role and stick with it. You want to stay consistent to prevent clashing and confusion between fellow teammates. For example, if you’ve established your role as lurking, don’t just randomly switch to entry mid-game.
Finally, be aware of your teammates role, this will allow you to help them out if they need support.



Similarly to aim, self-discipline is the only skill that I feel can be practiced to achieve consistency. Self-discipline is a combination of your ego, patience and mentality. The skill of knowing when it’s the right time to peak, fall off, and go for the kill is all part of being a smart player.
To practice this skill, you have to get your ego in check. Being overconfident in situations is extremely dangerous, it can put your team in a disadvantageous position. Likewise, your ego is directly connected to your patience. It’s important not to make irrational decisions.
Training your patience begins by slowing down your play. If you look at professional teams, things are played out slowly. The key is to make the opposing team impatient and make them make the mistakes. If you ever have the itch to push or move in, wait a few extra seconds. More often than not, you will be glad that you waited.

Finally, mentality plays a big role in self-discipline. It’s easy to feel good about how well the game is going and it’s just as easy to loose motivation and be a downer.
Here is a little trick that I use when I am starting to feel down and have lost my motivation. I always look at the brighter side of the situation. If my team is loosing big time, I visualize how we can come back to win the game. I use the motivation of my teammates to build up the will to win. I try to motivate my teammates and hope that it can do the same.
If you are able to change your mentality, everything will fall into place—your ego, patience, awareness, teamwork, and communication.

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Faking your enemy out

The idea about playing smart is all about outplaying your opponent and making them make mistakes. There is no better way to do this than by faking them out—make your opponent think you are going to do one thing while you do something completely different.
One way to fake out your opponent is to throw a smoke or flash over the opposite side of the map. This will make your enemy think you are coming from one location while in reality you are in a completely different place.
Remember to always communicate, work with your team, try not to panic, use your equipment and most importantly have fun.


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