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STRATEGY ACADEMY: Tips for scoring the game winning touch down in Madden 18

4 May , 2018  

Written by: Jon Scarr
Madden 18 allows you to play the best real-world NFL matchups and to excel, you are going to need to focus on having a particularly good offense. I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you with your offense and help you score that game winning touch down. Check out these Tips for scoring the game winning touch down in Madden 18.

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Play to your team’s strengths and play on your opponent’s weaknesses

One of if not the best tips I can give to you is to know or learn what each of the players on your team are capable of. This will go a long way in generating offense and give you a better chance to score that gaming winning touch down. So, if the Tennessee Titans are your team, run the ball more than you pass it—play to your team’s strengths and you will be amazed at what you can do.
After getting a feel for your team and what they are capable of, you’ll then want to start to look for weaknesses in your opponents. This is where you’ll have to have a lot of patience because not only will you need to know what your team is capable of; you’ll have to come up with strategies for the other 31 teams in the game.
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Don’t be afraid to go for field goals

I know a lot of gamers who instead of kicking a field goal, go for a touchdown on fourth down while deep in their opponents end. However, I suggest that when you reach your opponent’s 35-yard line, your best option on fourth down is to go for the field goal. At close range it’s not that hard to time a good kick, but the further away you are the more chance for error you have.
You’ll use the analog thumb sticks along with a three button press sequence when you are going for a field goal. Depending on the game situation, you’ll need to adjust for wind as it will put a curve on the ball. You’ll see the path of the ball on the screen, if its outside of the field goal posts adjust accordingly. The kick meter requires you to press a button three times, one time to start, a second time for the power of your kick, and a third time within the accuracy window.
I discovered a little secret that helps jazz-up your kick. If you stop the meter past the white line at the top, you’ll have a little pep in your step to get the ball going. On the other hand, this will also make accuracy window at the bottom smaller. So you will have to this somewhat to get a good feel for it.
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Utilize Madden 18’s target passing

Madden 18 has a new feature called Target Passing, which gives you an advanced passing mechanic that allows you to see with a graphical target where your intended passing target is. Though I highly recommend using the Target Passing mechanic, Madden 18 doesn’t force you to, it’s optional.
I find that the better you get with using the Target Passing mechanic, the better you will be at picking apart your opponents coverage. Not only will you be able to see exactly where the ball is going to go before throwing it, you can throw the ball to where only your receiver will get it, force your receiver to throttle down by placing the ball between zone, and more. By using the Target Passing mechanic, you’ll increase your chances substantially of scoring that gaming winning touch down, and who doesn’t want to do that?!
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Build a list of offensive plays

A common mistake that I see players make when trying to get better a Madden is seeing someone run a play that is successful and then add it to their offense. More often than not, they will have several sweet plays that work great in the first half of the game and call it their offense.
The problem with this is that by the time the second half of the game rolls around, their opponent has learned that these plays are being used over and over again and then adjusts their game. The best thing to do is build your own offensive scheme and save the money plays for crucial situations like 3rd and 10 in the 4th quarter.

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Throwing the ball down the field 40 yards to your receiver is always a thrilling experience, but you shouldn’t be doing it several times in a row. Instead, a strategy I suggest starting out with is to go for 10 yard gains in three or four plays to get a new set of downs. Make sure and mix things up, keeping your plays fresh so your opponent will always be on their toes.


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