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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: Tips for managing your Madden Ultimate Team money in Madden 18

25 May , 2018  

Written by Jon Scarr

Madden Ultimate Team allows you to build a winning team from scratch and challenge your friends for ultimate bragging rights. You can build your roster from some of the best current NFL players, legends, and even future Hall of Famers. Read more Tips for managing your Madden Ultimate Team money in Madden 18.

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How you go about building your Madden Ultimate Team is very important, and can seem like quite a daunting task. I’ve put together a few tips to help you with managing your Madden Ultimate Team budget to help you get off to a good start in Madden 18 on day one.

Run your Madden Ultimate Team 18 budget like a business

First and foremost, you should run your MUT 18 (Madden Ultimate Team) like it is a business. What I mean by that is get right in on the auction house and start looking at different things. The big principle is; you want to have more coins than you can spend. Unlike real life, MUT 18 doesn’t allow you to have credit—so there is no real need to worry about buying more than you can.

Value is very important; you need to see where you can get “the most bang for your buck” at every position. One of the best ways to do that is to look at player quality in the 80-84 percent rating range in the auction browser.

You’ll want to look at key stats when choosing your players. Things like throw accuracy, throw power, and awareness are important for Quarterbacks. On the other hand, power moves, strength, size, and tackle are important stats to look at for your defensive tackle.

Tips for managing your Madden Ultimate Team money in Madden 18_01

Keep your Madden Ultimate Team 18 binder clutter free

In your item binder, it’s important not to have more than you need. For example, I usually keep one quarter back, two half-backs, and I use three full-backs in my line up to save some cap. By keeping the minimum amount in your item binder it will help you to maximize your cash flow.

While some people like to hold on to cards in hopes of times where they can get better deals, my general rule of thumb is to sell the cards I am not using in my lineup immediately. This way, you wont end up with hundreds of cards in your binder that you will never use and you will have the most amount of money possible available to you to spend and improve your team.

Tips for managing your Madden Ultimate Team money in Madden 18_02

Prioritize you needs versus wants

The most important tip that I can give you to help manage your Madden Ultimate Team 18 budget is to prioritize. What I mean by this is, figure out where you want to spend big, where can be in the middle, and where can you spend small.

For example, most often I choose to spend big on my quarterback. More often than not, your quarterback the biggest decision maker on your team. His ability to make timely plays is a big role in deciding who wins and who looses.

Essentially, it all comes down to a series of checks and balances. By keeping your binder clutter free it helps you to be able to go through your binder look at the cards you have and prioritize.

Tips for managing your Madden Ultimate Team money in Madden 18_03

Inexpensive defensive players in Madden Ultimate Team 18 to start the season

Now that we have talked about a few tips on how to manage your MUT 18 budget, here are some suggestions for inexpensive defensive players to help you build the ultimate MUT 18 team. The first guy on my list is Dewey McDonald, he is an outside linebacker. Normally I like guys that are a little bit taller but at 6 feet tall and good speed—you can’t go wrong with Dewy to start the season.

Next is Michael Pierce, who is a left defensive end. He has a very high strength rating and a decent block shed—he is great at run-stuffing and in three-four. You can slide him in on third down situations, get your tackles out of there and then let Pierce try and go after the passer.

In the secondary, Artie Burns. I love his balance, he has great speed and a good mix of man in zone. Next up is Lamarr Houston, he is a very good run stuffing line-backer that can rush the passer pretty decently and has a high block ship to boot. Finally, there is J.T. Thomas. He has high zone coverage and is really good to start your squad with and get your defense rolling.

Tips for managing your Madden Ultimate Team money in Madden 18_04

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and tricks that I have put together to help you manage your Madden Ultimate Team 18 money. At WorldGaming there are two ways to earn some sweet cash competing in Madden 18. The first is the Madden 18 Leaderboard for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One—you can win your share of $500!

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