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6 Ways to Break Into Live Streaming on Twitch

21 Sep , 2015  

In this day and age no matter what hobby or interest you have, from cosplay to live streaming, there’s an online community waiting to share it with you.

For me, my hobby was gaming.

During one of my late-night gaming sessions with my friends, I thought to myself, “Hey. I’m funny when I rage.”


Rage Quit meme

Being a super outgoing and bubbly person, I was sure that other gamers would find me just as funny. And so, I gingerly entered the world of live streaming on Twitch.

There are about a million viewers at any given time on Twitch, the most popular live-stream gaming website in case you’ve been living under a rock.

From pro-players to just casual gamers like myself, the skill level and type of streams vary a lot.

Whether you think you’ve got what it takes to get a partnership with Twitch and make a career out of live streaming (which is more common than you’d think), or if you just want to entertain other gamers and make new friends, read on for my personal tips on how to get yourself out there.

I can’t guarantee you instant internet fame, but these insights from my own experience will get you settled in and started.


Watch Simone play FIFA on Twitch


1. Have the right equipment and software

Unfortunately you need more than just a passion for gaming to start streaming.


Step 1: You’ll need a great internet connection and a solid PC. If you plan to stream yourself playing a console game, you’ll also need a device that will capture your game and send it to your PC.

Here at WorldGaming we use Roxio game capture.

Live Streaming on Twitch

The WorldGaming streaming setup. Green screen, spotlights, and state-of-the-art PC completely optional.



Step 2: You’ll also need to download a streaming program. Personally, I recommend using OBS (Open broadcasting software). It’s free, open-source, easy-to-use, and super customizable.


Step 3: Make yourself a Twitch account then follow this guide to help you get started!

Wistia – via Iframely


2. Be Consistent

So you finally start streaming and only manage to get 5 viewers on your first day.

Don’t feel discouraged – it takes time!

Setting up a streaming schedule is more important than you might think. Make one and post it on your Twitch profile. Then stick to it!

Although spur-of-the moment streaming when you’re in the mood sounds appealing, viewers like having a sense of consistency.

Eventually, people will expect you to stream at your arranged times and show up, that’s how you’ll develop a following of regulars.


3. Be Entertaining!

As a streamer, you’re #1 job is to make watching you fun, not a bore.

Problem:  Unless you’re a professional gamer with the goal of showcasing your skills, you cannot get away with simply sitting in front of your screen and gaming in silence.

Solution: Watch some of the top streamers on Twitch and try to pick out things they do that entice you as a viewer. Aim to be funny, outgoing, and encourage your own unique persona.

Problem: While you might be silent when you’re fully focused and concentrated on the game, keep in mind that this is not exactly the most entertaining thing to watch.

Solution: To avoid this, I recommend verbalizing and explaining every move you make and having music playing in the background. Interact with your viewers, start debates, talk about anything that comes to mind.

It may feel odd to just be talking to yourself, but trust me, it doesn’t seem odd at all on stream.


It also helps if you get really really excited about scoring goals.


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4. Promote yourself

Yes, Twitch does send out an email to all of your followers the second you go start broadcasting, but chances are, most people have them turned off.

Create social media accounts for your stream: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to name a few, then make your presence known.

Make sure to post when you’re live, keep an active YouTube channel that supports your twitch streams (like creating highlights and exporting them to a playlist), and encourage your viewers to retweet and share your posts with their friends.

Over time, the number of shares will grow along with your fan base!


5. Always have a goal

It may seem like a good idea to just mindlessly game sometimes, but eventually this becomes boring for you and your viewers.

Whether you’re trying to get…

  • a new high score
  • a certain number of viewers
  • to the next level

always have a goal while you’re live streaming.

This allows your viewers to encourage you while you improve on yourself as a gamer.

Just like a big, happy, gaming family, you’ll form a bond as you all grow together.


6.Enjoy yourself

Like everything else in life, you’ll have good streaming days and bad streaming days.

There may be days when you feel like you’re just putting your gaming losses out there for everyone to watch. Or you might simply not be in the mood to talk and interact with people.

Through all of your ups and downs, it’s important to remember not to take things too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself on your stream when you mess up (or in my case, miss an unmissable goal).

Remember that it’s your stream and you should be having as much fun as your viewers.

Happy streaming!

– Simone from the WorldGaming StreamTeam


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