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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: Tips to becoming a better online player in Madden 18

18 May , 2018  

Written by Jon Scarr

Madden 18 is almost here and that means the 2018 NFL season is just around the corner. Regardless if you are new to the Madden franchise or just looking to improve your game, you have come to the right place. I’ve put together some tips to help you become a better online player in Madden 18. Read our Tips to becoming a better online player in Madden 18.

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Play offensive and defensive tutorials

Before you take your game in Madden 18 online I highly recommend taking a look at the offensive and defensive play tutorials in the game. Although you may think you already have tight offense and defence strategies, these tutorials teach some key passing concepts, blitzes and give you an understanding of when its best to use them.

If you are relatively new to the Madden franchise and football in general, you’ll want to get some experience playing offline first. With a total of 32 teams, each have their own unique playbook and you’ll want to find the one that has plays that work for you.

Find the team that works best for your gameplay style

While finding a playbook that works best for you, use this opportunity to play with as many different teams as possible offline. By doing this, you’ll get game time using different players. In turn, this will also help to get to know the players, and will not only help you in Online Head to Head games but also in Madden Ultimate Team 18 mode.

Furthermore, if you have a considerable amount of offline experience, you’ll get a better feel for what you are good at. Use this to your advantage, focus on what you are good at instead of trying to play a balanced team. If you don’t get a fast start, there are plenty of online players who will get the jump on you early to get the lead.

Keep it fresh

I highly recommend keeping a minimum of three money plays or go-to plays for when you have to get a first down or have to get a touchdown. Find what you like to run and have it ready to go. Make sure not to overuse it, if you continually use the same play, your opponents will be able to recognize it and adjust their gameplay to counter it.

By running a variety of different plays from similar formations, you’ll keep your opponent on their toes and less likely for them to know what you are doing. More over, I recommend that you don’t always pass the ball to the same receiver. If you have a money play, spread the ball to all of the receivers and this will stop your opponent from taking away your favourite option.

Make the best of your offensive possessions

It’s key to make the most of all of your offensive possessions in Madden 18. Games are generally low scoring and are over before you know it. Who knows, a turn over or the one time you have to punt could be the key difference in winning or loosing. Get the ball moving down the field the best way you can, and avoid turnovers so you can get those points on the board.

In my experience, the best way to cut down on turnovers is by targeting players. Start with targeting running backs with good carrying ratings, as they are less likely to fumble. Many quarterbacks have poor carrying ratings and in turn fumble a lot—so utilize the slide or get out of bounds when possible. To be successful, as a quarterback you will need to learn when to throw the ball away. If all of your receivers are covered do not try to force it unless you feel the absolute need to.

Play a good defense

One of the keys to winning is by playing a good defense. To play a good defense, it is important to learn how to user-control a player who is not on the defensive line. By controlling your defense end, the rest of the defense will be controlled by the CPU—meaning it’s no different for the offense than if they were playing against the CPU.

Also, by controlling a player who is in coverage you can actively take away more options from the offense. This can by done by using a player who plays as centrally as possible. Furthermore, you will have more impact on a running game if you control a middle or outside linebacker. This allows you to take control of which gap you defend and you can then better adjust to the running backs cuts and changes of direction.

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