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The Official Winnipeg Jets NHL 19 Tournament Xbox One Standings (Winner Announced)

19 Feb , 2019  

Congratulations to Justin “EZ-Regs” Reguly for winning the top prize of $4500 and a Winnipeg Jets jersey. He beat Michael “Miviens” Viens in best of 5 series.

Xbox One Qualifiers

Closed Qualifier Results
1st- OFs (@OFs_5) – qualified for Grand Finals
2nd- EthanF74 (@EthF74)
3rd- miviens (@miviens)
4th- Karmuh x 86 (@KarmuhNhl)
5th/6th- KosmicEA (@KosmicEA)
5th/6th- No Regretzkys (@No_Regretzkys_)

Qualified for Closed Qualifier:
Winner Online Qualifier A: OFs
Winner Online Qualifier C: miviens

Current Standings (top four qualify for Closed Qualifier):

Rank GamertagTotal Points Qualifier AQualifier C
1EthanF74 (Qualified)25250
2No Regretzkys (Qualified)25025
3KosmicEA (Qualified)12120
4Karmuh x 86 (Qualified)12012
5Jer Dubz716
6x Fisher 81660
8lxl Swerve lxl330
11NJ Zajac 19110
12l TMLP l101
13Xdubz 17101

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