The International 6


The International 6: DotA 2 Recap

13 Aug , 2016  

Already at Day three of the International 6 (TI16 for short) and Dota competition is looking fierce.

There were plenty of games played that absolutely were stunning to watch. The fan favorite of the competition, Alliance, was eliminated by Fnatic. A surprising moment for both fans and the team.

Liquid’s new consistent pre-TI form returned to the stage and showed the crowd just what they’re made out of.

The match that really got fans going was watching Wings Gaming and MVP Phoenix dueling it out in the two of the messiest games that the series has seen so far.


The International 6 Game Play Highlights

The first series of the day teams Fnatic and Alliance took to the stage. These teams are neck-to-neck in the bracket they are in. The lowest bracket in the series means that if either one of these teams wins they will be disqualified and no longer have the chance to move on and win the grand prize of $8 million dollars.

Fnatic vs. Alliance

The first round of Fnatic vs. Alliance really had Alliance struggling to keep ground and avoid having their throne destroyed by Fnatic. The saying goes that defense is the best offence strategy didn’t work quite well for Alliance in the end.

The second round of Fnatic vs. Alliance began in Alliance’s favor, using a better strategy and an offence that almost seemed unstoppable. When everything goes well there’s usually something to mess it up. Later in-game there were many errors made by team Alliance that helped Fnatic to be able to go for the jugular. Fnatic closed the bracket with a 2-0 score.

Liquid vs. Newbee

The second series is ready to kickoff. Liquid and Newbee will have to be careful as one of these teams can be disqualified just like Alliance in the last bracket.

Commence the first round. Liquid had Newbee running across the map, however, lost their advantage with having no heroes to be able to take the high grounds. Newbee took this to their advantage taking the first round of the bracket.

The captain of Liquid decided that they needed a change of strategy if they wanted to win. The team made a few changes to the draft. Working in Liquid’s favor and turning the tide of the game winning the bracket 2-1.

Wings Gaming vs MVP Phoenix

The third series is starting off in the second round of the winners bracket that means if one of these teams win they will have a secure spot in the top three placement.

MVP Phoenix’s strategy was to use an offence-heavy (melee-heavy) lineup in an attempt to overwhelm Wings Gaming. A good idea at first but it didn’t work out quite as planned as Wings Gaming overcame MVP Phoenix’s offence-heavy lineup.

All the fans and spectators of this bracket can definitely agree that this was one of the best matches to watch as fans were screaming for their favorites to win.

Wings Gaming moves on to the next series with a 2-0 win.

Evil Geniuses vs EHOME

The TI5 champions Evil Geniuses and wild card EHOME were the final teams to compete on Day three of the series.

This is where saving the best for last really does come in. Each and every game that was played between these two teams was a spectacular event that you could have sworn that all of the games played were was if you were watching the final match of the series. The competition became heated quick and you could feel each of the team’s intensity overshadowing in the room.

However, only one team can move on to the next series and that team would be Evil Geniuses winning 2-0.

The upper bracket of the series is all fastened in. Thursday you can expect to see three teams go home from the lower three brackets left to compete in. Fnatic will face Liquid, TNC Gaming against DC, and the winner will play EHOME. Get ready for more Dota 2 action coming your way Thursday.

The TI16 Dota 2 Championships begins August 8th and ends on August 13th.

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