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TI6 Day 4: Pure Chaos as More “Underdogs” Eliminate Favorites

9 Aug , 2016  

On the fourth day of The International 2016’s main event, three more teams were sent home from the lower bracket.

Digital Chaos went on a rampage, first eliminating TNC Gaming then moving on and crushing heavy favorites EHOME in convincing fashion.


The International 2016

Digita Chaos, photo credit:


Fnatic crushed Liquid in two tense games and are set to play MVP Phoenix in the first series of day 5. Day 4 concluded with the cosplay competition and exciting All-Star match, which included the reveal of DotA 2’s newest addition: Underlord.

DotA 2 championships 2016

Underlord, photo credit:


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The International 2016 Highlights

Arguably the most contested series of the day, DC vs TNC Gaming was a back and forth brawl. The drafts determined the pacing of the games, but team fight execution was the deciding factor in who came out on top.

Game 2 was the best game of the series, as DC’s Magnus and Faceless Void dominated key engagements allowing Resolut1on’s Ember Spirit to clean up with his surprise Divine Rapier.

By game 3, DC had figured out TNC Gaming and took the series 2-1.


TNC Gaming

TNG Gaming


The theme for this International seems to be “huge upsets every day.” Most people would tell you that Liquid should have won with a 2-0 easily, especially considering their past accomplishments.

It is inconceivable that Fnatic won 2-0 instead. While game 1 seemed like the usual “warm up” game, and game 2 started in the usual “ok they’ve warmed up” fashion, it did not continue this way.

As what can only be considered a cocky move, Liquid did not initially pick up Black King Bars on their core heroes, and wiped at numerous team fights around the mid-game, throwing away their accrued lead. With that lead shattered, the team tried to come back once they finally had BKBs, but by that time Fnatic would not be stopped and eliminated the last European hope.

Similar to series 2, the final series of the day would be considered another huge upset. DC were aware of how difficult it would be to defeat EHOME, but they did it in stellar fashion.

Game 1’s draft caught EHOME flat-footed as they drafted against what they thought must be a core Naga Siren, but ended up being a support Naga and core Vengeful Spirit. Game 2 was a slug-fest as EHOME fought savagely to avoid elimination, but DC fought that much harder and won it 2-0.


EHOME pro team

EHOME, photo credit: EHOME Twitter



Final Recap

The cosplay competition and All-Star game was a nice break of pace for the audience and players, and it gave Valve a good chance to reveal DotA 2’s newest hero Underlord.

The game was fun to watch and worth catching if you missed it, or they can play Underlord yourself as it was released on August 23rd.

Only two days remain in The International 2016 and you won’t want to miss it.

Day 5 opens with the SEA rival match between Fnatic and MVP Phoenix, followed by the much anticipated Wings Gaming vs EG upper bracket finals match.

DC play the last series of the day, which will be the winner of Fnatic vs MVP Phoenix. At this point of the tournament, each series counts for nearly a million dollars and every game can be decided by that “million dollar dream Carl.”

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