The International 2015


Live at The International 2015 Dota2 Championships

6 Aug , 2015  

Hey all you Dota2 fans, I’m writing to you live in Seattle from a sold out Key Arena at The International 2015 .

Can I just say, the first few days have been absolutely amazing.

The International 2015

Valve spared no expense in producing TI5, from the giant viewing screens, the player booths, the casters area and even the park across the street where fans without tickets can still enjoy the atmosphere that an $18+ million tournament has to offer.

With 16 teams converging on Seattle to compete for the massive prize pool, it’s been no surprise to have witnessed some dramatic underdog victories, incredible comebacks, and some amazing individual efforts.

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The Teams

The upper and lower brackets worked out something like this:

  • In the Upper bracket LGD chose Empire leaving Team Secret to face EHOME while Evil Geniuses chose compLexity, meaning CDEC will play Cloud9.
  • For the Lower bracket, MVP Phoenix chose Newbee, leaving iG with MVP HOT6ix. wanted to play Fnatic, which left Vici Gaming with Na`Vi as their opponents.

The atmosphere has been unbelievable with fans of all ages screaming and cheering on their favorite teams and players.

As we prepare to enter Day Four of the action, the games have become more intense as one mistake can literally cost a team millions of dollars.


Prize Pool

The winning team from TI5 will receive more prize money than any winner of the Masters, Super Bowl or Wimbledon.

With casters traveling from all over the world to analyze, critique and praise the best DotA2 players in the world, there is little doubt that eSports have arrived.


The only questions remaining is who will be crowned the champions of TI5.

The anticipation is through the roof here as we prepare for some crucial semi-final matches and the lower bracket finals.


More live updates to come, check back soon!


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