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The Best PUBG landing strategies

18 Jan , 2018  


Written by: Jon Scarr

Where you land in PUBG plays a key role in getting started off on the right foot and will help you on your way to getting that all important chicken dinner. Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best spot to land in PUBG is not as easy as just picking a location on the map. There are many different factors that you must consider and change every game you play. Read The Best PUBG landing strategies.

Factors such as the direction at which your plane comes in, drop locations, and circle locations change each time you play. In some instances, these factors are determined randomly by the game. With that being said, I am here to share some tips and tricks as well as strategies that will help you choose the best place to land. We will look at a strategy that will help you get the best loot right away with no contest and a strategy to land if you want to stay inside or close to the first circle.

Best places to land that will net you the best gear right away with no contest

Finding loot in PUBG is fairly easy, and you can even find high level gear in pretty much any loot spawn location. While you are sure to encounter battles with other players over loot, for the most part it’s trying to get to the ground before your opponents that you should be worried more about. Although it is true that you have a better chance to get gear from military locations on the map, it’s only a marginally better chance.

Many players gravitate to these locations in search of this high level gear, and thus if you land here you will be in a race with your opponents who have landed in the same location to find a weapon, medical supplies, and energy drinks first. What usually happens, is a big gun battle with a lot of blood shed. If you happen to survive, because of the added stress of opponents landing near by, you aren’t going to be as prepared for the rest of the match as you should be.

If you are looking to stock up on weapons, energy drinks, meds, and ammo while staying away from your opponents, I recommend initially staying away from hotspots. By this I mean, locations such as the Shoot Range, School, and Apartments. After you have stocked up on loot and are well equipped, you can then visit these hotspots if you are looking for some PvP action. Something else you should consider is choosing a place to land that is not in the direct path that the plane is flying. By doing this, you will have a lot more freedom to loot without the worry of other players.

The best place to land to stay inside or close to the circle

When choosing the best place to land in PUBG, the first thing that is imperative to think about when coming up with a strategy where you want to land is the initial circle location. Since the circle location is randomly generated each time you play, it can be a little tricky knowing where it will be. After all, you don’t want to be constantly fighting against time to make sure you are inside the circle boundaries.

By limiting the amount of running, you will have more time to loot and stay away from the massive bombing that takes place in the red zone. So, you are probably wondering where is the best area on the map that will have the highest chance of you landing in the circle or close to it. Believe it or not, your best chance to land inside the circle or very close to it is the centre of the map.

Too good to be true? At first, that’s is exactly what I thought. Though, game after game, if I chose a location near the centre of the map, I was never too far away from the circle. More importantly, the majority of the time, I was at a safe enough distance from worrying about taking damage from the blue zone.

About the Author: Jon Scarr

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