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The Best Final Bracket Highlights

8 Apr , 2015  

Last weekend I got zero sleep between playing my new MLB 15 and watching our live championship finals that happen every Saturday on our Twitch channel.

The championship finals for our weekly featured tournaments had some serious action in NBA2K 15, FIFA 15, and NHL 15 – trust me, the competition was intense.

Congrats to BigDaddyKang33  who won our NHL leaderboard to bracket and to all our other winners! Hope you enjoy the cold hard cash.

The moves that impressed us most made it into our highlight reel this week – so see if you can pull off one of these 5 stellar plays.



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Know Your Competition – Talking with BigDaddyKang33

We talked with our winner of last week’s NHL 15 XB1 featured tournament, BigDaddyKang33,  to find out just how he beat out the competition for the $125 prize.


How long have you been playing NHL games for?

I’ve been playing on WorldGaming since 2012/2013 I believe but I’ve been playing NHL games since Blades of Steel back on Nintendo.


What keeps you playing on WorldGaming?

I like the competition and I like the money so it’s a good combo. And it’s more interesting than a regular ranked match. Plus I like the tournaments because you can chirp other guys if you win!


What is your biggest ever money win on the site?

Biggest money win would have to be around $125 on a single match.


What do you plan on doing with your winnings from this tournament?

I plan on using my winnings just for extra spending money. Always nice to have a little extra pocket change. Although I may use it to get a PS4 eventually since I only have an Xbox One.


How was the rest of the competition in this NHL tournament?

The competition is always pretty good. I played a few guys I’ve played many times. I played really well in the finals and beat my opponent 8-1. Most I’ve ever beaten him by in 15 games so that was great!


Who is your biggest rival on the WorldGaming site?

I’ve had a lot of rivals since I joined. From sweetlou to Jordanmercer to phitchy87. Recently I’ve played DRFAVREGOOD a lot more than anyone else but with the additions of Rehanek, grizzlyhtc and a few other HUT players I’m sure those rivalries will grow quickly.


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