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Tekken 7 beginners guide to gameplay

9 Feb , 2018  


Written by: Jon Scarr

Today we will take a look at the basics of Tekken 7’s gameplay, think of this as a quick start guide of sorts. Tekken 7 can seem a little overwhelming when first starting out. It is a very technical fighter, and that’s why we will focus on the gameplay basics in this guide. Check out this Tekken 7 beginners guide to gameplay.

This beginners guide will allow you to hop into the game and start having fun so that you can lay the foundation for more advanced gameplay. Without further ado lets get started!

The basics of attacking part 1

First, we are going to talk about attacking in Tekken 7. In this game, you have four attack buttons. Each one of the buttons controls a different limb of your fighter. Here are the controls on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Square/X is left punch, Triangle/Y is right punch, X/A is left kick, and Circle/B is right kick.

Tekken 7 offers three types of basic attacks. High attacks, which hit standing opponents and miss opponents who are crouching. Be careful, as these can be blocked by a standing opponent. Next we have Mid attacks, which hit both crouching and standing opponents. Mid attacks can be blocked by standing opponents, but cannot be blocked by crouching opponents. Finally, we have Low attacks, which hit both standing and crouching opponents. This type of attack can’t be blocked by standing opponents, but they can be blocked by crouching opponents.


The basics of attacking part 2

If you go into the game’s training mode, you’ll see that each and every character has quite a big list of moves that they can pull off. As intimidating as it may look, eventually you’ll work your way up learning all of your character’s moves. For now, you’ll really only need to practice with a few. Pick the moves that you find easy to pull off and practice them. Once you feel comfortable work your way up from there.

While its imperative to attack your opponent if you want to win, blindly spamming out attacks isn’t ideal. Diversify your attacks with jabs and kicks to keep your opponent wondering what you will do next. Always keep your wits about you and pay attention to how close you are to your opponent and what attack will benefit you the most.


Blocking fundamentals

Now that we have talked about the basics of attacking in Tekken 7, lets look at blocking. Essentially, Tekken 7 features two forms of blocking, Standing guard and Crouching guard. To perform the Standing guard, you simply hold back on the d-pad.

Keep in mind that Standing guard blocks any high or mid attacks, but does not block low attacks. The second form of blocking, Crouching guard, is performed by press down and back together on the d-pad. Again, keep in mind that Crouching guard blocks any low attacks and causes high attacks to miss, but does not block mid attacks.

While it is simple enough to block in Tekken 7, it’s knowing when you have to block that really matters. Use blocking to force your enemy into making a mistake, and once you see an opening, punishing them.


Movement 101

Unlike 2D fighting games, Tekken 7 offers full 3D movement of your character. In addition to attacking and blocking, movement is crucial to your success in Tekken 7. Aside from moving forwards and backwards, you can sidestep by double tapping either up or down on the d-pad.

Additionally, you can sidestep and continue to walk by holding the direction you want to walk about double tapping up or down. Sidestepping is an important tool that you should incorporate into your gameplay. It gives you the opportunity to dodge attacks and projectiles from your enemies.

One of the most important aspects of movement in Tekken 7 is the use of forward and back dashes during battle. This allows you to add or takeaway distanced between you and your opponent. By tapping forward twice, you’ll dash forward. Back dashes are performed by tapping back twice, which will make you dash further away from your opponent.

To start running towards your opponent, you simply hold forward down on the second tap. Likewise, to holding back down on the second tap, you will guard immediately.


The basics of Rage Arts and Rage Drives

Tekken 7’s Rage system consists of two main elements: Rage Arts and Rage Drives. You can think of Rage Arts as a type of super move. When your character takes a lot of damage and your health drops below 20 percent, you’ll notice that their health bar will start to glow red.

Once you see this, it means that the Rage system has activated. All of your character’s attack inflict more damage. While Rage is activated, you can preform super attacks known as Rage Arts. Rage Arts do a substantial amount of damage to opponents, and you get set a specific button to pull them off.

On the other hand, a Rage Drive is not a super move but a more powerful version of existing moves. It allows you to extend a combo or inflict additional damage.


I hope you enjoyed my Tekken 7 beginners guide to gameplay. Using this guide, you will get the basics and fundamentals of Tekken 7’s gameplay and be able to then move on to advanced gameplay such as combos and juggles, throws and looking at frame data.

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