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Collegiate StarLeague + EA Sports Host Madden 17 Championship Series

18 Jan , 2017  

Collegiate Star League + EA Sports Host Madden 17 Championship Series

The Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) has announced that it is working with Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) to host and facilitate Challenger Events within the Madden Championship Series. As part of the competition, student gamers from across North America will have the opportunity to represent their school and compete for $10,000 in scholarships. The event will be […]

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How to Report Your Challenge Results

2 Jan , 2017  

WorldGaming Tutorial

Playing head-to-head for cash or bragging rights is awesome, but the #1 thing you need to remember is to report your challenge results. This not only keeps your gamer stats and rep accurate, but it makes sure when you win the cash ends up in your account. At WorldGaming we have a self-reporting system, which […]



Set Up Your WorldGaming Profile

1 Jan , 2017  

WorldGaming Profile

New to WorldGaming? Don’t worry you’re not alone. New gamers are jumping into online battles every day on the site. But before you get into a head-to-head match, you should set up your WorldGaming profile to make sure your gameplay is simple, easy, and awesome.   My WorldGaming Profile Meet RayRayKay, the WorldGaming site host! She’s […]


How Do Payouts Work?

1 Jan , 2017  

WorldGaming support

I’m always talking about making big bucks on WorldGaming, but how exactly does that money end up in your hand? The Customer Support team pays out head-to-head challenges as soon as you and your opponent report your results. If you’re playing in a tournament, you should see that real cash in your account about 96 hours […]



New Video Game Tournaments: Format Upgrades and How to Join

11 Jul , 2016  

video game tournaments

We’ve upgraded your video game tournaments #WGNation! Now when you head to the Tournaments page on WorldGaming, you’ll find bigger payouts and brackets in new guaranteed-to-fill formats. That means more money in your pocket when you win, and more competition on the site. Check out the full tournament schedule below and get the details on […]



Pokkén Tournament Now Live on WorldGaming

5 Apr , 2016  

Pokken Tournament Now Live-01

We’re proud to say that WorldGaming is the first cash gaming site to bring Pokkén Tournament to Canada! Now everyone in #WGNation can get their Pokémon battle on  for cash or for fun. Just login to your free WorldGaming account and head to the tournaments page to join a bracket or play head-to-head with a […]



Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League Live on WorldGaming

3 Mar , 2016  

Rainbow Six siege and Rocket League

We’ve been busy updating your site with some of the newest titles that you’ve been asking to play. Our WorldGaming team is proud to say that Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League are now officially live! You can play both titles for fun or for cash in head-to-head challenges or weekly tournaments. All you have to […]

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Introducing the WorldGaming Madden 16 Pro League

25 Aug , 2015  

Do you want to play Madden 16 head-to-head every week for a shot at a $1,000 prize pool? Yeah you do! Today we’re announcing your newest chance to compete for ultimate bragging rights, cash, swag, and more. The Madden 16 Pro League is our inaugural step towards an ongoing full season eSports format for our most popular […]

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Featured Gamers

QJB Has Arrived at WorldGaming

20 May , 2015  


If you haven’t seen QJB stream yet (a.k.a. QJBeats) or checked out his YouTube channel you are missing out. But you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him soon, because I’m excited that I can finally announce that he’s the newest offical WorldGaming partner! So you’re going to be able to catch him live streaming on the WorldGaming […]

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Show the World Your FIFA 15 Goals

19 Apr , 2015  

FIFA 15 Goal for Gold Video Contest

Spring is finally here so get your cleats on. It’s time to play some real football. I’m a huge soccer fan, whether it’s on the field or my screen. So I’m pretty excited about this new FIFA 15 best goal contest. Mostly because I want to see how my best shots stack up against all of yours! […]

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$2 Entry Daily Leaderboards

11 Mar , 2015  

Video game betting and competitions

You asked and we listened. We’re happy to announce, as of today, the return of daily $2 Entry – Winner Take All leaderboards for all the latest hits and your old favourites! These are $2 to buy-in and will be running from 12:00 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST, so you’ve got 24 hours to rack […]


Live Streaming

Meet Rachel a.k.a. @RayRayKay Your WorldGaming Girl

20 Feb , 2015  


She’s crazy cool and all ours! RayRayKay joined us last week and we’re excited to introduce WGNation and WGArmy to the beautiful and talented host here at WorldGaming. She’s going to be introducing you to the newest and hottest WorldGaming features. She’ll also be hosting live Twitch streams, broadcasting live from our events across North America, […]

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Beta Update : December 6th

4 Dec , 2014  

As promised, we’ve been working nose to the grindstone since our first Beta release a week ago today. Since then we’ve had 3 interim releases all of which are designed to improve the WorldGaming experience for you during the Beta phase of our new platform release. We’ll be keeping you in the loop by giving you weekly […]


The WorldGaming Platform Fee Explained

22 Nov , 2014  

World Gaming with Next Gen Support

My name is Rob Segal and I’m the CEO here at WorldGaming. I wanted to reach out to you directly and give you a personal update on the status of premium subscriptions and what’s on the roadmap for the WorldGaming platform. With the launch of the new Beta site and more specifically the launch of our […]


Beta Invitations Released

12 Nov , 2014  

Console game betting

Today is an exciting day for us here at WorldGaming HQ in Toronto. This morning we sent out our first round of private Beta invitations for our players to test the new platform. Check your inbox now to see if you’re on the first invitation list. If you are one of our premium members and […]


Welcome to Inside WorldGaming

23 Oct , 2014  

World Gaming with Next Gen Support

Since WorldGaming was founded the world of video games has changed drastically. We’re changing right along with it and we’re glad that you’re coming with us on this exciting ride. You’ve been waiting for the new WorldGaming platform to launch and we’ve been working tirelessly to put the final touches on the brand new user experience and platform. We’re […]