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KontrolFreek Alpha Edge Thumb-sticks Product Review

10 Jul , 2017  

KontrolFreek Alpha Edge Thumb-sticks Product Review

Written by Dave Throop   While console controllers have been around for decades, add ons such as thumbstick extensions and grips are becoming ever more popular. While grips always seemed like an obvious solution to a problem I knew I had, I was never really sold on the idea of thumbsticks – until I tried […]

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Gamer Product Review: Kontrol Freek Performance Grips

21 Jun , 2017  

Written by Dave Throop   Do your hands ever get sweaty when playing or tired from holding the controller for long hours? If you’re like me the answer to both of those questions was yes and not only was it hindering my performance, but it made gaming less enjoyable. Learn more about Kontrol Freek Performance […]