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NHL Streamer: Yewy_Bear_Gaming

1 May , 2015  

At last we come to the final member of the new WorldGaming NHL Pro Streamers! But he’s certainly not the least. You can catch Yewy_Bear_Gaming on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and the WorldGaming Twitch channel too.   Play NHL 15 on WorldGaming   Play Like A Pro Let’s hear what kind of advice a pro-gamer has […]

Featured Gamers

NHL Streamer: TacTixHD

30 Apr , 2015  

The NHL Stream Team on WorldGaming is really coming together. If you’re already a chel fan you will definitely recognize some of the names of the newest streamers to join forces with the gaming site. To name a few… HowToChel XTechNHL RehanekYT FlashDavin and now…TacTixHD! Connect with TacTixHD on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and of course […]

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NHL Streamer: RehanekYT

29 Apr , 2015  

Been enjoying the NHL 15 action happening around the site? If you’ve been missing it, I’ve been introducing the new WorldGaming NHL Pro Stream Team. So far we’ve heard from HowToChel, FlashDavin, and xTechNHL… Now let’s meet Toronto native RehanekYT: Watch RehanekYT on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and WorldGaming’s own Twitch channel.   Play NHL 15 […]

Featured Gamers

NHL 15 Stream Feature: HowToChel

28 Apr , 2015  

I’m pumped to announce our next NHL 15 Pro-Streamer in the new WorldGaming Stream Team saga. If you’re into all things NHL 15 (including cash tournaments) then you’ve probably heard of HowToChel… Watch HowToChel on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter, and keep an eye out for him on the WorldGaming Twitch Channel too.   Play NHL […]


NHL15 Canada Cup 2015 Details

26 Apr , 2015  

NHL15 Canada Cup tournament

I’m going to be celebrating the start of the NHL playoffs this year with a little chel action. I’m excited to say that for the month of May you can join qualifying brackets and leaderboards for the NHL15 Canada Cup! This is your chance to compete against the best of the best in NHL15.  Pass, deke, […]

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4 Ways to Score in NHL 15

6 Apr , 2015  

NHL 15

There’s no denying it…you could spend a lot of nights playing NHL 15. What makes it so fun? Winning of course 😉 Nobody likes to lose a controller to the fury of a missed shot (we’ve been there) so never let up on your offense and use these 4 goal scoring moves.   1. The […]



Featured Tournaments: April 7 – 12

5 Apr , 2015  

eSports tournaments

It’s great to watch your WorldGaming bank account going up and up from weekly head-to-head wins. But those big money tournament payouts are where it’s at. That’s why we’re running featured tournaments every week packed full of competitive qualifiers and a final showdown every Saturday. And the payouts? Bigger than ever. (We give out over […]

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5 Rock Solid Ways to Dominate an NHL 15 Game

9 Feb , 2015  

NHL 15

Now that football is over, we can all start giving hockey our full attention again. If you have the itch to get on the ice and play some NHL 15, but maybe you’ve been too busy on Madden lately, then this post is for you. We’ve been playing more NHL lately too, but we’re a […]