21 Jul , 2020  

As always, it is our focus here at WGN to ensure that you, the players, have the best experience possible. Further to our last major platform update, where we moved chat to Discord and made improvements to matchmaking, we are undergoing another big overhaul to all of WGN. What does this mean? Starting on August […]



Madden NFL 18 Canadian Challenge Sponsored by Xbox – Announcement

28 Sep , 2017  

Check out our recap video:     The Madden NFL 18 Canadian Challenge is Here!   Registration is now open for football fanatics ready to go hard on the virtual football field with Madden NFL 18   Join us for the finals LIVE in Toronto on Nov 5   Check out our video from iMAV3RIQ […]


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MLB The Show 17 Preview

26 Mar , 2017  

MLB 17 The Show Preview

Written by Matthew Rondina   As the Toronto Blue Jays finish warming up for another season in Florida, Sony San Diego Studios is busy putting the finishing touches on their own heavy hitter, MLB 17 The Show.   The next instalment of the series looks to add many exciting new features that will appeal to […]

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The PlayStation 4 Pro Review: This is 4K Gaming

30 Dec , 2016  

The PlayStation 4 Pro Review

Sony recently released the PlayStation 4 Pro after much speculation of a rumored upgraded console began to surface earlier this year. Officially unveiled at a special press conference in early September, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro brings in a whole slew of impressive upgrades. Now that the PlayStation 4 Pro is available for purchase, there are […]

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Inside Gamer News: Super Mario Run Nintendo’s Latest Gaming App

28 Dec , 2016  

Super Mario Run released on December 15th, 2016, and is the second of Nintendo gaming app to hit the iOS store (it will become available on Android later in 2017). Get ready to run, jump, and pull off awesome moves as your favorite plumber as you guide him to the flagpole as fast as possible—using […]

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The WorldGaming Holiday Giveaway 2016 Winner

28 Dec , 2016  

WorldGaming Holiday Giveaway

Winner Announcement A big thanks to everyone who participated in our WorldGaming Holiday Giveaway 2016! We want to congratulate our winner, Madgrizzly617, who won the $150 gaming gift card of his choice! Spend your $150 gaming gift card wisely or go ahead and spend it on the games you want! Don’t worry, we plan to […]

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What is Xbox Play Anywhere and What are Gamers Saying?

24 Dec , 2016  

Xbox Play Anywhere

In early September 2016, Xbox announced its latest feature: Xbox Play Anywhere. Microsoft couldn’t release this at a better time, with the newly released ReCore on the market and November’s games just recently launched. This new feature definitely changes how gamers will play—especially where they’ll play. From what we can tell, gamers are ecstatic about […]



PlayStation Experience 2016: New Games Revealed

21 Dec , 2016  

PlayStation Experience

PlayStation Experience 2016 revealed a lot of new games coming to the PlayStation scene. Sony showed off a lot during this year’s PlayStation Experience event—even compared to E3 2016. See what games were revealed to the whole world, what PSX is also about, and much more.   Get Exclusive Gaming News When You Join WorldGaming […]

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Call Of Duty 4 Remastered: Upgrades, Features, and Weapons

20 Dec , 2016  


Call of Duty 4 Remastered is what fans have been dreaming of since the next-gen consoles arrived! Activision brings Modern Warfare 4 back for new and old fans alike to see just how the franchise got its cult following. We’ve got the breakdown on what you can expect from the remastered version.   Want more […]

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Cineplex Gaming Events: LEGO Dimensions Highlights [Update]

13 Dec , 2016  

Cineplex Gaming Events: Play Lego Dimensions: Battle Arena

Which LEGO character would win in a match? LEGO Super Man or LEGO Spider-man? How about LEGO Astronaut vs. LEGO Indiana Jones? On Saturday, December 3rd, fans from across Canada came to battle it out LEGO Dimensions: Battle Arena on the big screen at select Cineplex theaters to play the first ever head-to-head fighting LEGO game. […]

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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: What Is It All About?

25 Nov , 2016  

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

For those gamers who own an Xbox One, it’s time to get in on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. The long-awaited feature launched in November 2015 and after a whole year, the backwards compatibility library has grown. Find out what the Xbox One backwards compatibility is all about and which Xbox 360 games you […]

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