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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: DOTA2- Creating and using space

3 Sep , 2018  

By: Charles Harrison One of the first things that a new player must learn, is the farm priority or positions. From position 1, or the player that needs the most amount of farm, to position 5, the player that needs the least amount of farm, these positions usually coincide with what lane each player is […]

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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: Dota 2-The limitations of strong heroes

30 Aug , 2018  

By: Charles Harrison   It’s no secret that Zeus, Pudge, and Warlock are pretty strong these days. Zeus’ Nimbus is like a second better ultimate, Warlock’s Shadow Word is invaluable in the laning phase while Chaotic Offering is one of the strongest counter-initiation spells in the game, and even pros have trouble getting used to […]


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The Ultimate DOTA 2 Guide To Going Pro

29 Dec , 2016  

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DOTA 2 is one of the biggest MOBA games available on PC, with online tournaments to massive live-championships and big prize pools to be won. DOTA 2 is complex. Gamers who are new or looking to step up their game in DOTA 2 will need to learn as much as possible to win big. And here’s […]

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