Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

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Street Fighter V Tips: Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

16 May , 2017  

Written by Jon Scarr
The Street Fighter franchise has always been one of the most popular fight games series. With the release of Street Fighter V, its popularity has continued to grow. With that being said, there has been an influx of new players. Learn more about Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners.

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Since the games release, several characters have been added and some adjustments have been made to ensure the gameplay is balanced—making the Street fighter experience even better. To be a good player you don’t have to play every character like a pro.
While playing against other gamers with a varying level of experience, I’ve noticed several common mistakes that a number of gamers make. Luckily, these mistakes can be fixed and with these few tips you can avoid common gameplay mistakes that beginners make.
Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Don’t forget to block

One of the most common mistakes that I come across when playing against someone new to Street Fighter V is the complete lack of blocking. Blocking your opponent’s attacks can leave them at a disadvantage, giving you a chance to attack.
In fact, there are many attacks in Street Fighter V that if blocked you can do some serious damage to your opponent. Furthermore, if you go into a match attacking haphazardly eventually you are going to use an attack that will leave you wide open and at a disadvantage.
All it takes is a few button presses by your opponent and they can land a counter-hit dealing out some big damage. Alternatively, you don’t want to go into a match and continuously block with no offense. Let your opponent make a mistake and capitalize on it.
Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Don’t continuously jump around

Another common mistake that people make in almost any 2D fighting game is to continuously jump around. You do not need to jump towards your opponent in order to get close to them. By jumping towards your opponent, it leaves you open to an anti-air attack and gives your opponents an easy way to inflict damage on you.
Rather than jumping, why not trying dashing or walking towards your opponent. Generally, if you walk or dash towards your opponents they will start walking back. This can lead to you getting the upper hand by cornering them.
I’m not saying to never jump, but there are ways you can jump in a safe manner that doesn’t leave you wide open to attacks. There are other ways to close the distance to an opponent rather than jumping.
Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Break throws

Throwing your opponent is a popular tactic that I see many new players use to get around a blocking opponent. Regular throws have a limited ranged and you have to be virtually right on top of your opponent to land one.
Very rarely do I even encounter a new player who can break a throw, and this is a problem. More often than not, your opponent will have to stop attacking and move towards you to throw. If you keep a close watch on your opponent, you can see them take that step forward and prepare.
As soon as you see them coming, you should be ready to break a throw. After you have shown your opponent that you can break a throw, more than likely they will back down and try another tactic.
Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Use your character’s anti-air attack

An anti-air attack is any attack that can easily knocks your opponent out of the air—every character has at least one or two. For example, characters such as Ken or Ryu can use a Shoryuken to knock their opponent out of the air.
On the other hand, Dhalsim and Nash have multiple anti-air attacks that can be used depending on the situation. The trick to using your character’s anti-air attack is to wait about a single jump distance from the opponent and get ready to knock them out of the air.
As soon as your opponent jumps, use your character’s anti-air attack and knock them back to the ground. Granted, this will take some practice, even if you have to take a few losses while you concentrate more on anti-air attacks it will be well worth it.
Once you have mastered this technique, go back to your regular style of play and incorporate your new and improved anti-air abilities.
Common Gameplay Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners
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