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Steep: Road to the Olympics Tips and Tricks

22 Feb , 2018  

by: Matthew Rondina
Get ready to go for the gold in South Korea with Steep: Road to the Olympics. WorldGaming is here to help you top the podium in PyeongChang with tips that will give you an edge on the stiff competition. Check out these Steep: Road to the Olympics Tips and Tricks.

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This olympic sized expansion adds brand new areas to explore, including Japanese mountains where you will train and qualify for the games. Once you are ready for primetime all new freestyle events and full-speed alpine action will be added. In total 12 official Olympic events are part of the winter games add-on, testing your skill and will on the mountain.
Get ready to take the world by storm and bring home the gold with these tips:
Perfect Pulling Big Air
Before executing a big combo to rack up massive points, you must be able to jump properly to maximize airtime.
When you are approaching a jump hold down either LT / RT (Xbox) or R2 / L2 (PS4) triggers and load up your jump just before taking off the ramp or cliff.
Once you have your jump lined up and are holding down the jump trigger try to hit the incline at a diagonal in order to maximize your height and speed.
The “load up” animation will show your rider bending their knees and dropping into a semi-squat, this will let you know that you are ready for takeoff.
This added boost will give you far more time to squeeze as many points out of your airtime as possible. The instant you release the jump trigger push forward one of your joysticks to immediately initiate a spin.
Jump, Rotate, Grab, Repeat
Remembering all the moves you want to execute just before you hit a jump can be daunting, an easy way to rack up big points is to always go with a grab.
To perform a grab, just hold down RB (Xbox One) or R1 (PS4) in combination with the rotation you initially went with for a big added bonus.
Grabbing your board will help you to own all the freestyle events that PyeongChang has to offer.
Restart An Event
You have a restart option to instantly bail you out if you need it, don’t be afraid to use it.
When it comes to timed events a bad start out the gate could cost you the podium, instead of completing the entire run, just restart it.
This will save you plenty of time and allow you to practice certain areas of your run helping you obtain a big finish.
Fast Travel
Steep focuses heavily on a simulation experience, meaning getting around a mountain can be quite time consuming – just like in real life.
Going between certain areas or events can have you walking through deep snow up the mountain, which can take a ton of time.
Use fast travel to help get around the mountain faster, keeping your journey to own the podium an adrenaline filled one.
Ride in Style!
To celebrate the opening of the winter games Ubisoft has airdropped an in-game apparel bonus for all players.
You’ll be able to hit the slopes in a SOOHORANG Costume, the official mascot of the winter games!
In addition to the mascot costume you’ll also be granted a freestyle “All Blue” outfit to make a bold fashion statement while competing in Olympic events. Take a look at the trailer below to check out SOOHORANG in action:

I hope these tips and tricks help you to own the podium in PyeongChang this winter! Best of luck and game on!

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