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StarCraft Week 7 Recap: Battlecruisers Redux

4 Dec , 2017  

Since week seven, we’ve had the chance to see two broadcasted series. In the first group stage, we saw University of Connecticut face off against Rochester Institute of Technology. We were also fortunate enough to see Simon Fraser University and Michigan State University play a make-up series.

University of Connecticut vs. Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Connecticut takes on Rochester Institute of Technology in this week seven matchup.

The first match of this series featured UConn’s Kevin “Hjax” Konrad (P) and RIT’s Owen “Biu” Liang (P) playing on Acolyte LE. Konrad’s proxy stargate, paired with light adept harass, quickly proved to be more than Liang could handle. The UConn Protoss followed up with a gateway/robotics-based push that secured the first game.

In game two, everyone’s favorite cannon-rusher, Dylan “printf” Ramsay (P) of UConn, was matched against RIT’s John “Color” Niemynski (Z) on Odyssey LE. True to himself, Ramsay opened by stealing a gas geyser and setting up shop in his opponent’s natural. The follow-up aggression, featuring disruptors, immortals, and some forward shield batteries, was enough to give UConn their second victory of the series.

In the two-versus-two match, we saw UConn’s Christian “Rookwood” Carmellini (Z) and Daniel “TurkeyDano” Fernandes (P) play against RIT’s Edmon “Flamerenter” Rober (T) and Owen “Biu” Liang (P) on Overgrown Facility. In the early game, RIT seemed to be preparing for an attack on the UConn Protoss. However, they weren’t expecting a proxy stargate and Rober’s marauders fared poorly against UConn’s void rays and zerglings.

University of Connecticut 3 – 0 Rochester Institute of Technology

Simon Fraser University and Michigan State University

Simon Fraser University and Michigan State University duke it out in this exciting Collegiate StarCraft slugfest.

The series kicked off with SFU’s Bob “MingA” Yuan (Z) facing off against Michigan’s John “seven” Estapa (P) on Mech Depot LE. The relative calm that characterized the first few minutes of the match was blown apart by a huge zergling and queen drop by Yuan. The move inflicted critical damage on the Protoss base and earned SFU the win.

The next match, on Odyssey LE, featured Kieran “Eugoogalizer” Rupert (T) of SFU and Sam “Tambi” Polus (Z) of Michigan. Rupert attempted to put on some early drop aggression, but was quickly shut down by Polus’ queens. After some mid-map skirmishes, the Terran army was dismantled, and Michigan had secured their first win.

SFU’s Bob “MingA” Yuan (Z) and Stanley “COMBATWOMBAT” Shi (T) faced off against Michigan’s Jerod “shadowforce” D’Epifanio (Z) and Justin “IMJsm” Mondal (Z) on Shrines of Lizul in the two-versus-two match. The early game was a slugfest, with both teams delivering big hits to the each other’s mineral lines. In the mid-game, both teams poked forward without committing too much to any attack, until a huge doom drop cleaned out the SFU zerg’s main base. This served as the impetus for a big Michigan attack which ended up winning them the game.

With Michigan on the verge of a series win, Edward “Legacy” Chiang (P) of SFU and Kevin “Titsmcswag” You (T) of Michigan faced off on Ascension to Aiur LE. The Michigan Terran opened with cyclones on one base, a play that fared well against Chiang’s early upgrade focus. You then transitioned into a battlecruiser and cyclone push which won him the game and Michigan the series.

Michigan State University 3 – 1 Simon Fraser University

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