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StarCraft II Playoffs: Salty Sixteen Update

30 Mar , 2018  

The Salty Sixteen are in the midst of battling each other for a chance to advance. The post-season has been underway for a little over a week now, with a few teams already falling. To keep you updated, I’ve provided a brief update on the series we’ve seen as well as some commentary on the results. Be sure root for your favorite teams and tag @CollegiateSC on Twitter. Alternatively, send me your salt @TylerTheGloob.

The bracket so far.

University of Connecticut, a team with the potential to make a deep run and possibly reach the Grand Finals, was able to secure their spot in the top eight by beating Michigan State University 3-1. There’s no shocking news or information here. It’s worth mentioning that Kevin “TitsMcSwag” You cheesed out Kevin “Hjax” Konrad, but I’m not even sure how noteworthy that is. I would be happy to see all three of the UConn Protosses embrace the cannon life in the same series someday (see games two and four, below).

University of Connecticut versus Michigan State University: lots of cheddar.

Temple University, as you know, is my favorite to emerge victorious from this tournament. Considering this, their series against University of Ontario Institute of Technology was too close. The one-versus-one games were predictable. However, the UOIT two-versus-two team’s aggression was a bit too much for Temple. It’s fortunate (for my narrative) that Temple’s Conan “Suppy” Liu was able to overcome UOIT’s Jason “JuggernautJason” Papadimitrios in the ace match.

Temple University versus University of Ontario Institute of Technology: too close?

I must admit that I (severely) mispredicted this series.  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign went 3-1 in the second group stage whereas University of California, Irvine finished with a record of 1-3. My often over-exaggerated bias against the Midwest really came back to bite me here as UIUC defeated Irvine 3-1. UIUC defeating a team from the West refutes my often made claim that every team in the midwest is weak. Nevertheless, I expect UIUC to fall to Georgia Tech in the next round.

Here are my predictions from the pre-playoffs. Not terrible, so far.

Although I technically predicted it, I wasn’t confident Georgia Institute of Technology would best University of California, Berkeley in the most recent playoffs match. Watching the AfreecaTV StarLeague recently, I heard Tasteless talk about how it makes him feel good to see the older players performing well. In that same vein, it pleases me to see Georgia Tech’s Derek “TheoRy” Travisano still performing well. That said, Travisano didn’t even need to play in the ace match against Berkeley. Shoutout to Jiseok “jiseokcube” Choi for winning both of the matches he participated in.

The fun is just getting started. We have four more matches before moving on to the round of eight (the “Baited Eight”? Tweet me your suggestions or else that’s what I’m going with). Up next, on April 3rd at 7pm PST, you can catch University of Waterloo versus University of California, Riverside, which is sure to be a good one.

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