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Updated Profile Page includes SMS phone number verification

28 Mar , 2017  

Why SMS verification?

We work very hard at WorldGaming to ensure fair play for all. One way we do this is by confirming that a player is uniquely who they say they are by verifying their phone number through SMS.

This feature was added to our registration process in November 2016. Players who registered prior to that date, including players with no phone number on file due to an even older registration version, were not able to add, change or verify their phone number. This issue has been rectified with the release of our updated Profile page.

New and updated Profile page features:

1. Phone number editing with SMS verification
2. SMS Verified and Account Verified icon display
3. Upcoming Challenges display
4. Upcoming Tournaments display
5. Tab navigation replaced by “at a glance” view


Phone number editing will always lead to SMS verification.

On your Profile page you can add, change or verify your phone number by clicking on the appropriate button. Which button displays on your Profile page will vary depending on the status of your WorldGaming account phone number.

  • The [Add a phone number] button will display only if you have never provided a phone number for your WorldGaming account.

SMS Phone Verification

  • The [Verify] button will appear if the phone number provided for your WorldGaming account has not been SMS verified.

SMS Phone Verification

  • The [Change] button will display whether the phone number on your WorldGaming account is SMS verified or not.

SMS Phone Verification





Once you click on one of the three buttons, the input phone number section will display.

  • If your WorldGaming account has a phone number, it will appear in the Phone Number data entry field.
    – Leave this number unchanged if you only want to SMS verify an unverified number.
    – Enter a new phone number if you are adding one for the first time or changing an existing one.
  • Click on the [Verify] button. The verification input section will display.
  • Click on the [Send Code] button. An SMS verification code will be sent to your phone.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your phone and click on the [Confirm] button. Your phone number will then be verified.

SMS Phone Verification

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