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Siefe : eSports and becoming a Pro

6 Mar , 2015  

If you follow us, you know Siefe joined us a few weeks ago as Director of eSports here at WorldGaming. He has been working hard from day 1 getting our newest title launch schedule, Twitch and eSports program put in place.


For those of you who don’t know Siefe, he’s an all around gaming bad-ass.

You’ll want to keep up with him in the next few weeks cause he’s got exclusive behind the scenes access to PAX East 2015.

Siefe rocks all angles of the gaming industry, he’s been behind the scenes as an influencer with 2K, Ubisoft and Activision.

Siefe is connected to some of the hottest publishers, titles and pro-gamers in the industry.

If you follow Siefe on Twitter you’ll see that he is passionate about gaming. It’s his life, end of story.


Being a professional gamer is a dream job, I mean who wouldn’t want to get paid to play video games and be one of the top gamers out there?

We asked Siefe what started out his amazing jump a career in the video game industry and eSports?

He told us it started with Call of Duty 4, he was one of the worlds top players and was taking MLG by storm in his early days.

He placed first in 2 COD events and hasn’t looked back since; it was one of the most memorable moments of his life and the start of his title.

Siefe started to make things more interesting by betting on games and recording gameplay for YouTube, the rest is history.

Siefe is a gaming superstar followed by fans across the globe, he’s one of the most beloved gamer guys out there.


One of the most exciting gaming events is starting today and Siefe’s going to be getting in on the action with WorldGaming.

PAX East

Follow WorldGaming on Twitter for free giveaways all weekend long from PAX.


Siefe has exclusive access and he’ll be behind the scenes with pro gamers and meeting up with some of his favourite companies at PAX EAST 2015.

He’s going to get the inside details of what’s what in gaming, exclusive interviews, all while hooking up WorldGaming Twitter and Facebook followers up with some sweet gamer swag.

You know you want some!


Is being payed to play something you only dream about? Why not go for it and give it all you got? Siefe’s got some advice for all you aspiring pro gamers out there.

“My best advice is to GRIND everyday and not give up.”

He said that most people give up quick and easy and that’s their biggest mistake. People that give up don’t realize they have real potential.

“Don’t let losses define you and you’ve got to be consistent.”

He encourages gamers to get social and upload videos frequently and give back to the community.

Above all keep a positive attitude.


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