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How to Score in FIFA 17: Five Tactics + Celebrations

9 Dec , 2016  

Are you struggling to score in FIFA 17 despite being a FIFA 16 pro?

FIFA 17 has tons of new mechanics and features when it comes to scoring, so it will take some time to get used to.

That’s why we’ve put together the five of the best ways to put you back on the field in full force.


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How To Score in FIFA 17

There are many aspects to winning in FIFA, like improving your team’s strategic formations, offensive plays, defensive plays, and of course scoring.

There are a few obvious suggestions for how to score in FIFA 17, but performance is really the key to doing it consistently. We’ve gone in-depth on the five goal-scoring kicks that will help you turn the tide in your next match.


Driven Shot

The Driven Shot is a new shooting technique in FIFA 17.

When shooting the ball with too much power, you’re adding more height to your shot. To avoid this you will need to shoot from a farther distance, or else the shot might look like Beckham on a bad day:

This technique allows you to power up your shot and kick it with power while keeping the ball low.

How to perform a Driven Shot:

  • Xbox One: Hold B + Tap B
  • PS4: Hold O + Tap O

You can also use the Driven Shot technique to head-butt the ball too!

score in fifa 17 - finess kick

Photo: Media Titanium


Finesse Shot

The Finesse Shot should be your key to scoring a goal in those open corners.

How to perform a Finesse Shot:

  • Xbox One: Hold RB + Tap B
  • PS4: Hold R1 + Tap O

The Finesse Shot is one of the most common shots used to score in FIFA 17, but it’s most effective when used in a specific situation.

To pull off this kick correctly, you’ll want to be positioned at either corner of the box. Next, you’ll want to aim for the opposite corner. The farther you are the better the shot will be.

score in FIFA 17 - Finess

Photo: Up FIFA Coins


Chip Shot

The Chip Shot is one of the most useful scoring techniques in the game. Perform it this way:

  • Xbox One: Hold LB + B
  • PS4: Hold L1 + O

The goalie needs to be far away from the net for the Chip Shot to be effective.

Lure the goalie out where it is close enough to your player, and let it approach your player. Take the Chip Shot once he’s close enough to you—and unable to block the shot properly.

We suggest players aim the ball at the side corner of the net so the goalie has no chance to dive for it.

Always keep an eye on your power level for this shot. Too much power, and you’ll kick the ball right over the net!


score in FIFA 17 - chip shot

Photo: EA Sports


Penalty Shots

Set pieces are a new way to score in FIFA 17, especially during a penalty shot. But when it’s time to kick, how do you line yourself up to score a goal?

Here are a few tips to getting your penalty kicks ready:

  • Using the right and left stick will set your players stance, distance, and angle.
  • To shoot, hold Left stick and point the direction you want and B/O to let it loose.
  • Don’t shoot your ball too wide or with too much power, or else you’ll miss.

To successfully pull off a penalty shot, you’ll want to know the goalie’s skills and stats ahead of time.

Goalies with higher stats are tricky. You’ll need to find their weakness as soon as possible to avoid wasting your shots.

Score in FIFA 17 - Penalty

Photo: Up FIFA Coins


Free Kicks

Free Kicks are like penalty shots, but with more freedom to set up the shot.

The Free Kick technique gives your player complete freedom from your stance, position, and how you strike the ball.

To perform a Free Kick:

  • Hold the left stick forward and direct where you want it.
  • To kick, use the B/O.

The more power used, the higher your ball will fly. Send it over your opponents’ heads, but not over the net!

score in FIFA 17 - free kick

Photo: EA Sports

Those are all the FIFA 17 moves you need to know to improve your scoring skills. If you’re interested in more FIFA 17 tips and tricks, be sure to bookmark Inside WorldGaming—we’re here to keep you up-to-date on the newest games, features, and news.

After you have goal-scoring kicks down pat, it’s time to perform some celebration moves! Check out the best ones below.

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The Ultimate FIFA 17 Celebration Moves

Making the goal is one thing, but celebrating it is better. FIFA 17 lets you perform all-new celebration moves that will make your opponents pop a vein from jealousy.

The next time you get that ball in the net, perform our three favorite FIFA 17 moves on the field.

Score in FIFA 17 - Dab

Photo: Fifauteam


1. Floor Spin

If you made a sweet goal, celebrate with the Floor Spin. Because you’re just that good.

  • Xbox One: Hold LB + Rotate Right Stick
  • PS4: Hold L1 + Rotate Right Stick


2. Dab Celebrations

A new way to rub it in the faces of your opponents when you score, the dab celebration lets you rock it like Paul Pogba.

  • Xbox One: Hold RB + Y,Y
  • PS4: Hold R1 + Triangle, Triangle


3. Big Man

Bring your whole team in on the celebration with the Big Man option. You might recognize this one from Remember the Titans–but it feels even better to do it yourself. Take it from us.

  • Xbox One: Hold RB + Hold Right Stick
  • PS4: Hold R1 + Triangle, Hold Right Stick


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