Samsung Hearthstone Canadian Challenge Recap

17 Dec , 2018  

Samsung and WorldGaming teamed up to search for the best Hearthstone players in Canada. Players from across the country competed against each other over the past month to qualify for the final day of competition.

Check out Photos from the Finals today!

The finals took at the Samsung Experience store at the Eaton Center in downtown Toronto this past Saturday and was presented by Cole “WillScarlet” Anderson and Robert “lolNostam” Matson. Famous TSM streamer Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan was also present to conduct interviews, challenge the tournament victor in a show match and interact with the fans. The final day would see all of the matches being played on the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device.

Over 200 players threw their names in the ring to compete for their share of the $20,000 in cash and Samsung gear that was up for grabs. Ultimately only one would be able to emerge victorious and it ended up being Xavier who was able to walk away with the top prize. The full top 8 are listed below.


  1. Xavier
  2. Yztguard
  3. Cydonia
  4. Pelletire
  5. Lachance
  6. Randomer
  7. Level9001
  8. ManacieRend


Cydonia entered the final day of competition as the most well known name but was defeated by Yztguard in the semi finals sending him home early. The finals between Yztguard and Xavier was an incredible back and forth affair that went the full five games.

Ultimately it came down to Xavier’s deathrattle Hunter and Yztguard’s even Warlock for the deciding match and Xavier was able to pull off something remarkable. On turn 4 he was able to play a Sea Giant – an 8/8/ minion – for only 1 mana due to the number of minions on the board. This let him quickly snowball the final game ending it in just 6 turns.

Xavier also got the better of Kripparrian in the show match after the tournament, again using his deathrattle Hunter to great effect against a very interesting Paladin deck that Kripparrian assembled. To watch that game and other from the tournament check out the full VoD.

Check out Photos from the Finals today!



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