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Rocket League WGN North American Championship Results + Gallery

27 Aug , 2019  

The Rocket League WGN North American Championship Finals took place this past weekend for North American non-RLCS teams as a qualification process for DreamHack Pro Circuit: Montreal 2019.

Online Qualifiers were held From June 29th to July 20th, where over 1200 teams competed for 1 of 4 spots to directly qualify for the Grand Finals at FAN EXPO Canada . The remaining teams were ranked based on a points system and the top 8 competed in the closed qualifier on July 27th for the final 3 guaranteed spots at the Grand Finals.

One last LAN Qualifier was held live at FAN EXPO Canada on August 23rd for the 8th and final spot in the Finals. On August 24th and 25th the eight qualified teams then competed live on stage at the FAN EXPO Canada for their share of $20,000 CAD and an invite+paid trip to DreamHack Montreal.

Live Coverage & Info

 Liquipedia Page

 Official Website

 Official Twitter

Streams and VODs

 Twitch: WorldGaming

 YouTube: WorldGaming Network

 Twitch VODs

 YouTube VODs


Group Stage – August 24-25th

  • 8 invited teams, split into 2 groups of 4
  • Double Elimination Brackets
  • All Matches are Bo5
  • Top 2 from each group advance to playoffs

Group A

  • Noble Esports
  • Live Qualifier Winner
  • Bull Send
  • Upper 90 Esports

Group B

  • Linked Up
  • RBG Esports
  • Plot Twist
  • Team Frontline

Playoffs – August 25th

  • 4 Teams
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • All Matches are Bo7


Live Updates: Liquipedia Brackets

Closed Qualifier Results
Top three qualify for Grand Finals
1st- Upper90 Esports (Qualified)
2nd- Frontline (Qualified)
3rd- RBG Esports (Qualified)

4th- 72 pin Connector
5th- Avidity eSports
6th- Streamers
7th- Chicken Nuggets
8th- Goal patrol

Open Live Qualifier

Winnner: SUP

Online Open Qualifiers
Qualified for Grand Finals:
Winner Open Qualifier A: Noble
Winner Open Qualifier B: Linked Up
Winner Open Qualifier C: Plot Twist
Winner Open Qualifier D: Bull Send (Formerly Solidarity)

Open Qualifier Results
Top eight qualify for Closed Qualifier

RankTeamTotal Points Points - Qualifier APoints - Qualifier BPoints - Qualifier CPoints - Qualifier D
1Avidity eSports - QUALIFIED75002550
272 Pin Connector (Formerly Wazoo) - QUALIFIED56025625
3Upper90 Esports - QUALIFIED5105010
4RBG Esports - QUALIFIED5000500
5Streamers - QUALIFIED37250120
6Chicken Nuggets - QUALIFIED24120012
7Stromboulevard - QUALIFIED1201200
8Goal Patrol - QUALIFIED90630
13Not a team60060
15pink hair fc60006
16Big Daddy Cows33000
18Crown & Jewels30003
20Dark Allegiance21010
25Club Sandwich10100
26The Imbiciles10100
28Set Bonus10010
29Black Toilet10001
30team 110001

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