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WGN Strategy Academy: Rocket League Power-ups guide

24 Jul , 2018  

Written by Paul Hunter

Rocket League - Power-ups guide


Rocket League – Power-Ups guide

Last fall’s free Rocket League Rumble update came with one huge new feature: power-ups. This new battle-royale mode brings an extra dimension to the classic Rocket League formula with more mayhem and fun. In the style of Mario Kart, the new power-ups mix things up and adds a whole new layer of strategy into the game. Read our Rocket League Power-ups guide.


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To get an understanding of what the new powers-up do, and how to best use them in practice, I’ve prepared this in-depth guide:

Power-up: The Basics

The first thing to know is Rocket League Rumble add 11 new powers-up, each with their own special properties. Some are better on offense, while others are best-suited for defense. I’ll get into the details of when to use each power-up in just a minute.

When matches begin, one power-up is automatically given to every player 10 seconds after kick-off. That means you’ll have a brief moment to get possession of the ball before power-ups come into play.

Once you use a power-up, you’ll receive another free after waiting 10 more seconds. This ensures that power-up distribution is even and fair, but also means at any given time there could be several power-ups in play.

If you get demolished and respawn, you’ll retain whatever power-up you had. However, if one team scores, everyone loses their current power-up and gets reset to a new 10-second timer. It’s important to keep all these factors in mind as you plan strategies and play ball.

Now let’s take a look at each of the 11 power-ups in Rocket League.

Rocket League - Power-ups guide

The Power-ups:


This power-up magnetically attracts the ball to your car. The magnetism effect last for a surprisingly long time, so it’s great for dribbling the ball closer to the net on offense. Be cautious about driving too fast though — the ball can wander out of the magnet field if you drive too far away. Also, other players can knock the ball out of your influence if they hit it hard enough or by using power-ups like the Haymaker.


The Haymaker sends out a spring-loaded boxing glove that hits the ball. When you’re in range, you’ll see a red box covering the ball — that’s your cue to use. Keep in mind that the boxing glove shoots out in a straight line towards the ball, regardless of the direction you’re facing. For this reason it’s excellent on defense to deflect the ball out of your zone. It’s possible to score using the Haymaker too, but you need to make sure directly facing your opponent’s goal before shooting.

The Boot

The Boot is similar to the Haymaker, only it targets enemy cars. This is probably the best all-around power-up and can be used offensively and defensively. When on opponent is dribbling towards your net, the Boot will send them flying and give you a chance to recover the ball. On offense, if a rival car is guarding the net, one Boot will get them out of your way for an easier score. The Boot is also great during aerial battles as it can smash your opponent out of the air. The further away you are from your opponent to more power the Boot will have, so keep that in mind.


This is the most unpredictable power-up so use it wisely. It unleashes a tornado around your car that will suck rival cars and the ball up into its funnel. It’s best used defensively to disorient opponents nearing your goal, but keep in mind the whirlwind can throw in the ball in any direction (including towards your net). Also, cars and the ball can be dislodged from the tornado, so nothing is locked into place inside.

Rocket League - Power-ups guide

Grappling Hook

This power-up shoots a grappling hook at the ball and pulls you in for a big smash. This is a great power-up for scoring aerial goals, provided you line yourself up before using. Keep in mind the Grappling Hook is fast, but not instantaneous. That means after you latch onto the ball, opponents have a second or two alter the trajectory before you get your hit in.

Power Hitter

The Power Hitter supercharges your car with extra strength. For a few seconds your car will be surrounded by an orange glow, and you’ll be able to demolish cars no matter how fast you’re going. This makes it great on defense for clearing out enemy cars and regaining possession. Power Hitter also lets you hit the ball harder, so it’s ideal on offense as well. With the ball travelling faster, it’ll be even more challenging for your opponents to block the shot.


The Disruptor forces your opponent to temporarily drive uncontrollably. This makes it an excellent choice on defense as it quickly ruin a rival’s dribble. On offense, disrupting the goalie can clear them from the zone for easy shots on net. There’s one caveat however: whoever you target will have a full 100% boost meter when the effect wears off. Make sure to keep that in mind.


This is another very effective power-up on offense and defense. It sends out a sticky plunger attached to a rope, which is connected to your car. Using the plunger you can drag the ball behind you and even drive straight into the net for a goal. On defense, the plunger can steal the ball from an opponent and redirect it back towards their net. It’s worth noting that the energy applied to the ball depends on the length of the rope when fully taut and your speed. Thus, the further away you are before attaching the more energy is applied.

Rocket League - Power-ups guide


This is my favourite power-up and can be used to score easy goals. Using it will create a bunch of spikes on your car that you can then use to impale the ball and have it stick to you. Then, all you need to do is race towards the net for a goal. Spikes last a fairly long time, giving you ample chance to score, however the power-up can be countered with the Boot, Haymaker, and others.


This power-up will freeze the ball in place, regardless of how fast the ball was moving before. If the ball was airborne, it’ll stay suspended in the air after freezing. It’s especially useful on defense as you can freeze the ball to disrupt your opponent’s play and have your defenders hit the ball away. A frozen ball can be broken in several ways, including power-ups like the Haymaker, or by a moving car. If no cars touch the ball for several seconds it’ll eventually defrost, and if airborne, it’ll fall straight to the ground.


Swapper is best used as a defensive power-up to thwart your opponent’s scoring opportunity. Using the power-up will make you swap places with another player’s car. Before this happens, both your and the other car will glow, giving both players a heads up the swap is coming. If you’re about to be swapped, the brief glowing gives you a second to try and disrupt the other player’s plans

Rocket League - Power-ups guide

Well, that concludes the overview of Rocket League’s 11 power-up — I hope you found this guide useful!

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Before signing out I have one last tip that’s important to remember: Like in the regular game, Rocket League Rumble matches don’t end immediately when the timer hits zero. It ends when the ball touches the ground. That means if you use power-ups like Spikes, you can still race to the goal even if the clock say zero!


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